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Coming to Ameland?

On Ameland you can really relax and enjoy your short break. On a regular basis events are organized on this third Frisian island so you will not be bored easily. It is nice to discover the island whether you travel by foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

The Island

The fourth island in row from the left and third Frisian island is Ameland. In total, the island has a surface of nearly 300 square kilometers and has about 3,500 inhabitants. Ameland is mostly covered withsand dunes, but to the east you will also find a swampy area where you will see lots of birds and animals. The beach of Ameland has a total of 27 kilometers and thus is a perfect island for an extended beach walk. Also for cyclists there are ample opportunities, bike paths cover namely a length of 100 kilometers in total over the island.

Worthwhile seeing on Ameland

There are four villages on Ameland, Hollum, Nes, Buren and Ballum. In the first village, Hollum, you will find the oldest house of Ameland. It was built in 1516 and is well worth a visit. Due to the diverse landscape and special light on the island, Ameland is a popular place where many artists feel attracted to.
The Ameland Art Month is a yearly organized event taking place in November. Artists from home and abroad come together on the island and exhibit their artworks here. Both in Hollum, Nes and Buren you will find several museums:

  • Hollums Cultural Historical Museum Sorgdrager
  • Ameland Nature Centre can be found in Nes
  • In Buren you can visit the Agricultural and Beachcomber Museum “Juttersmuseum” Swartwoude

What you obviously can not miss during a visit to Ameland is the beautiful lighthouse located on the island. This red and white lighthouse called Bornrif was built in 1880. Of course you can visit this lighthouse! To reach the top and get a wonderful view of the island you must climb 236 stairs. From a distance you can already see the lighthouse, and in the dark you can see its light beams shine on the island.

Things to do on Ameland

When you come to Ameland you can have a very sportive time! At the wide beaches of Ameland the conditions for kitesurfing are fantastic, no matter which direction the wind is blowing from. Still not crazy enough? Then get into a plane and come skydiving! At para center Ameland there is the possibility to make a tandem jump from 3000 meters high. In addition to these wild activities around the waters of Ameland you can discover the island by bike, on foot or on horseback. The hiking trails bring you along the various pieces of nature, such as the mudflats, the dunes and the beach.
Also, a 100 kilometers of biking trails provide for a nice tour with the family.
You can also enjoy the island from the back of a horse, galloping on the beach, or slow stepping through the dunes!

Overnight stay on Ameland

Want a weekend or a holiday celebration? The Wadden Islands are a real nice place to get away and relax for some time! On the island you can find several campsites, holiday parks and hotels. Most of the time you can book your holidays here all year round. The island has a different, distinctive look every season. Within walking and biking distance of the beach you can find campsites between the woods and dunes. Ameland is also suitable for larger groups. There are plenty of hostels and campsites you can go to with a group or school class.

Events Ameland

Each month you can witness a beach demonstration of a rescue boat being pulled by horses. During this demonstration you will see 10 horses pull the lifeboat into the sea.
The traditional “no presents night” is celebrated on December 5th every year. In early July, the popular program MadNes is being organized. During this four-day festival that is celebrated over the island, you can enjoy the music, the theater and all sorts of social events. Good to know is that on December 5th the traditional “no presents night” is celebrated. No, on this day Sunneklaas is celebrated. This is an age-old tradition that is maintained and kept secret by the inhabitants of Ameland. Tourists are advised not to visit the island during this holiday.

Culinary Ameland

Actually you will find nice restaurants on Ameland wherever you go. Here you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or diner. If you like you can also go for a nice cup of coffee or a hot chocolate with whipped cream. The beach pavilions are open from April to November and you can enjoy the beautiful beach and the sea.

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