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The village Appelscha in Friesland is an excellent location to celebrate your holidays, school trips or to go for a day trip. The village is characterized by the forests that surround it. It is a very nice place to go cycling or hiking.

The village

Appelscha is situated in the Southeastern corner of Friesland and it border National Park Drents-Friese Wold. Therefore it is a nice area to go out, you can discover this area either by bike or on foot. In 2007 Oude Willem, the nature reserve between Appelscha and Zorgvlied was proclaimed to be the most beautiful area in Holland. We definitely recommend you not to skip Appelscha during your stay in Friesland. In 1247 this village was still known as Appels and belonged to the county of Drenthe. At that time mainly farms were found in the village. There was a lot of inconvenience caused by pulverized sand from the dunes. It was situated between dry sandy heathland and wet peat. In 1450 this problem was solved by the construction of slade dikes. As of that time acid leak water from the peat was held back. Sinds 1827, the village has become what it is today. The peat extraction nearby drew many Frisian workers in the direction of Appelscha. In the same century also the forest was laid out. Due to the arrival of the Frisian workers Appelscha became a Frisian language village .

Attractions in Appelscha

In Appelscha there are two attractions you should not miss when you’re in the neighborhood. In the Open Air Theater de Koele several performances were given each year. Especially in the 50s and 70s it was a great attraction. Thousands of tourists wanted to catch a glimpse of Rudi Carrell, Pipo the Clown, Swiebertje and André van Duin. Due to the high costs the theater was closed in 1987. In 2003 however, action was taken again to renovate the theater. Between June and September you have the possibility again to enjoy beautiful performances in the forest of Appelscha. In addition you have Museum the Witch Farm where you can experience a truly magical experience. Next to all the trees, plants and herbs you can experience real witch rituals.

Activities in Appelscha

In Appelscha there is plenty to do! There are several hike– and cyclingroutes mapped out where you can discover the nature of this area. Also in the canoe there are opportunities to take a route through the canals in this area. A well-known peatroute in the area is Peat route. From the boat you can experience Appelscha from the water. Furthermore for young and old you will find attraction park Duinen Zathe, Appelscha Outdoor and Bosbad Appelscha. In these parks you can build outdoor huts, slide down the slides and have a nice dip in the pool. It is easy to entertain yourself here throughout the whole day.

Spending the night in Appelscha

Celebrating holiday in Appelscha? In and around Appelscha there are countless opportunities for your overnight stay. Whether this is a campsite, on the farm or in a hotel or Bed & Breakfast. You can just choose what suits your situation. Also with groups Appelscha is a good place to spend your time. There are in fact group accommodations available where you can stay with groups. These vary in size.

Events in Appelscha

In and around Appelscha are plenty of events that you can visit! Lots of things will be organized both for younger and older people. Below we will mention some major events in Appelscha:

  • The Eight of Appelscha, a race of 8 hours and 8 kilometers
  • Every last Sunday of the month a guided tour to Drents-Friese Wold
  • Culture lover? A tryout of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Julia is really your thing

During these events, there are plenty of accommodation options! This way you will not miss anything and enjoy to the max!

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