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Friesland contains a number of large regions, the Frisian Forests, the Clay Zone, the South/West area and the Wadden Islands.The nature in these regions do not resemble one another. Each region therefore provides a unique experience. You can choose to stay one or several days in one of these areas, but you can also plan a tour which will take you to all the regions!

Frisian regions

Green meadows, lakes, swamps, colorful heather and elongated mudflats, THAT is Friesland. All the different areas in Friesland have their own character and atmosphere. The nature in the regions differ greatly from each other. This makes every region again a completely new experience. Moreover, each region has their own version of the Frisian language. If you plan to discover Friesland, you should definitely visit this regions!

The Clay Region

The clay region, located in the northwest of Friesland, is a unique piece of Friesland. There is a vast area with many meadows where you will not only find cattle, but you will also see many birds fly around and build nests. Besides that, it is also a region of farmers and potato growers. The farmers here grow their own vegetables and potatoes. On a regular basis you will have the opportunity to buy regional products straight from the farmer. Real fresh and local! The clay region is an area which is great for cycling trips throughout the year.

The Frisian Woodlands

In the southeast part of Friesland you will find the Frisian woods. One area that looks very different from the rest of Friesland. Recognizable are the wooded banks heathlands, grasslands and soothing streams. Throughout the year you can enjoy this unique piece of Friesland. It’s great for cycling too! Trees and ditches determine the area. Trees are found at the sides of the ditches . The alder avenues were placed initially to reverse the cattle, but now they are part of the appeal of the area. Between the tree girths you will find little water puddles where the remains of pingos from the last ice age are reflected. Outside the breeding season, which runs from April to July, you can enjoy cycling on the for this purpose created paths. In some places the trees are one and a half meter above the ground, on a wooded bank. These are called Dykswâlen. In addition to the trees and ditches in this area there are many dirt and cobblestone paths. They are constructed in the time of the Middle Ages to shorten the routes to monasteries, farms and churches. When driving your bike, there is a lot to discover in this area.

The Southwest corner

In the southwest corner you can find nice mound villages, meadows with dikes, charming towns, vast lakes and forests of Gaasterland. It is an area of extremes. Where the water illustrates the openness of the area, the woods and hills certainly also makes it a secluded environment. In this region, there is much attention to the small town of Sneek. Furthermore, there are several villages on the mound each with their own story and history. In this area there still is much to be found of the historical time. In the old day for example, there was lots of fishery and commercial shipping. With the arrival of the IJsselmeer Dam however this area increasingly became a setting for recreational and water sports and in winter for skating tours. The lake was created in the last ice age and the peat extraction in the province is very typical for Friesland. Besides the fact that the water plays a very dominant role in this area, there is also lots of space to cycle.

The Wadden Islands

The Wadden islands are again a unique part of Friesland. When you arrive by boat on one of the Frisian Islands, you really feel far away from the rest of the province! All of the islands are just beautiful! Three of the five islands are accessible through Friesland, namely Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland. Schiermonnikoog is accessible through the Groningen Lauwersoog and Texel can be reached by departing from Den Helder in the province of North Holland. Each island has its own atmosphere, different habits, and a different history. That it is great to spend your time of one the island is a given. You can enjoy a stroll on one of the beaches, visit the lighthouse and enjoy wining and dining. In addition there are regularly social events on the islands which make your day even more perfect. Furthermore, the possibilities for an overnight stay are fine throughout the year. There are always enough campsites and holiday parks, but if you rather stay in a B&B, it’s all possible.
Often you will find several camping farms on the islands where you can easily come and stay with a group of people.

National parks

In these regions you will find several National Parks and National Landscapes. Cycling possibilities are great here! Besides the fact that you can spot beautiful plants and trees, you can also spot a large number of birds and other animals. In Friesland you will find no less than four National Parks and two National Landscapes. Rare and distinct landscapes characterize the area and are both nationally and internationally known. These areas are great for cycling. Now you can fully enjoy all that nature has to offer. The following National Parks and National Landscapes can be visited:

  • National Park Drents-Friese Wold
  • National Park Schiermonnikoog
  • National Park Lauwersmeer
  • National Park de Alde Feanen
  • National Landscape Zuidwest Fryslân
  • National Landscape de Noardlike Fryske Wâlden

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