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Experience Friesland from the water in a canal boat!

Book a boat tour in Friesland

With a boat you can discover Friesland from the water. The boat takes you along the most beautiful spots of the province and your tour guide will tell interesting facts. Along the way there is plenty to eat and drink. You can also rent a boat for a special party, for example, with your staff, the family or the neighborhood association.

Boat trip on the water

There is a lot to be seen from the water of Friesland. You will pass the towns, woodlands and green meadows. Along the way you can spot beautiful birds and animals, so take your camera along! The boat sails along the most important and beautiful sights of the province. Along the way a guide will inform you about all the worthwhile facts. There are set times when the boats sail, but it is also possible to book a cruise with a group. You will see the highlights of the area together with your own group.

Overview boat tours

You will find boat tour companies throughout all Friesland. So it does not matter where you want to sail for a day on the water, there is always a round trip possible somewhere. Below is a list of all tour boats.

  • Canal cruise company M. van der Werf (Sneek)
  • Canal cruise company van Dijk (Sneek)
  • Friesland Charter (Jirnsum)
  • Canal cruise company (Houtigehage)
  • Lauwersoog Water Events (Lauwersoog)
  • De Oorden (Koudum)
  • Trijntje Charter (Koudum)
  • Salonboat Gaasterland (Warns)
  • Boat tours Grou (Grou)
  • Canal cruise company Middelsee (Risumasyl)
  • Wetterfreule (Oudkerk)
  • Frisian Queen (Akkrum)
  • Hofstra Reizen (Drachten)
  • Canal cruise company P. Brouwer (Joure)
  • Rondvaartbedrijf MSK Friesia (Eernewoude)
  • Klein Zwitserland (Suameer)
  • Canal cruise company Redbad (Terherne)

City canal trips

On the city canal trips the tour boat will bring your through all the highlights of the city. The towns in Friesland are all on the waterfront and can usually be reached by tour boat. This allows to have a good look at all the places of interest of the city.

A Staff party

A boat trip is also very suitable for a staff party. You can rent these boats for both smaller and larger groups. The space on the boats varies from 10 people up to 200 people. The boat can dock at various places. If your company happens to be located near the water, then the boat tour might even start at your company.

Wadden Tour

Explore the mudflats? This can be done by canal boat. There are day trips that have one of the Frisian Islands as their destination. The boat sails between the sandbanks where you can see the seals baking in the sun. During the boat tour you can go for a walk on the mudflats, of course under the direction of a guide. Along the way you will learn all about the Wadden Sea! You can also spend several days on the mudflats. You will see the mudflats change from sea to a landscape of creeks, gullies and sandbanks. During these trips, we advise you to bring older shoes and clothing, and a towel of course.

Fall and winter tours

Even in the colder months of the year, several tours are offered. Also at that time of the year Friesland is very nice, and you can stay inside if you want! Have a look at the websites of the providers what they offer in the winter months.

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