Safe swimming in Friesland

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Enjoy a swim in open water

Everyone wants to be able to swim safely and in clean water. In Friesland are 48 officially designated locations to swim. The quality of these locations is checked every two weeks. It’s nice to cool off a little during the hot summer days!

Safe swimming in Frisian waters

We want everyone in Friesland to be able to swim in safe and clean waters. Special rules apply to water quality and safety for swimmers. Every two weeks a checkup is done for water quality and safety ! On the signs at the swim sites you can read all about the updated quality of the water at all times. Below you will find a list of all secure swimming locations.

Safe Swimming Locations

Wadden Islands

  • Beach Badhuis, Vlieland
  • Beach West aan zee, Terschelling
  • Beach Hoorn, Terschelling
  • Beach Hollum, Ameland
  • Beach Nes, Ameland
  • Beach Buren, Ameland
  • Beach Prins Bernardweg, Schiermonnikoog
  • Dune lake Hee, Terschelling
  • De Vleyen, Nes, Ameland
  • Berkenplas, Schiermonnikoog

IJsselmeer Coast

  • De Holle Poarte, Makkum
  • It Soal, Workum
  • Bathing pavilion, Hindeloopen
  • Molkwerum, Molkwerum
  • It Süderstrand, Stavoren
  • Mirnser klif, Mirns
  • De Hege Gerzen, Oudemirdum
  • Lemster beach, Lemmer


  • Oostmahorn, Oostmahorn
  • Eeltsjemar, Rinsumageest
  • Harlinger beach, Harlingen
  • Lytse Wielen, Leeuwarden
  • Grutte Wielen, Leeuwarden
  • Day recreation Klein Zwitserland, Sumar
  • Eastermar, Eastermar
  • It Wiid, Swimming location Earnewâld
  • De Leien, Rottevalle
  • Smeliester Sân, Smalle Ee
  • Potten beach, Sneek
  • Terherne, Terherne
  • Aldegeaster Brekken, Oudega
  • Heeg, Heeg
  • Indijk, Indijk
  • Langwarder Wielen, Langweer
  • Woudfennen, Boarnsterzwaag
  • Nannewiid, Oudehaske
  • De Driesprong, Langelille
  • De Kuilart, Galamadammen (Koudum)
  • Elahuizen De Lange Hoek, Elahuizen
  • Swim and surf center Balk, Balk
  • De Uilesprong, Sint Nicolaasga
  • Rohel, Rohel
  • The Heide, Heerenveen
  • Canademeer, Appelscha
  • Spoekeplas, Noordwolde
  • Skipsleat, Joure
  • Swanneblom, Slappeterp
  • Vlinderslag, Wolvega

Good to know when you go swimming

When you go swimming, we recommend you to never go alone. Consider also the depth of the water, don’t just dive into shallow or murky water. There are many boats and ships on the water, especially during the summer season. In addition to the strong currents that they cause, it is often difficult for large freighters to see who or what is in the water. Keep an eye on them and don’t get too close. It is also forbidden to swim in the vicinity of bridges and locks. Furthermore, you must keep to the rules enforced. More information is available on the website Province of Friesland.

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