Are you coming to Bolsward?

Experience this beautiful city!

Are you coming to Bolsward?

Bolsward is one of the eleven Frisian cities. Built on three mounds it was a long time seen as a pilgrimage. Meanwhile, the city is very well known thanks to the Eleven Cities Tour that passes through Bolsward.

With over 10,000 inhabitants Bolsward has traditionally been one of the eleven Frisian cities . The town is located in the South-West of Friesland and built on three mounds. The oldest of these dates back to the Christian era! Bolsward is a pilgrimage, because the St. Francis Church in town owns a grace statue of Mary.

Accommodations in Bolsward

The old town of Bolsward is wonderful to see! The canals, City Hall and the famous distillery of Sonnema Berenburg can be found in Bolsward. Orphanage Hid Herohiem can also be found in the old town of Bolsward. There are lots of monuments and historic buildings to be found in Bolsward. The Broere church in the city is also a great attraction. Discover the many beautiful attractions Bolsward.

Activities in Bolsward

Are you coming to Bolsward for one or more days? It’s absolutely worth is it to visit the town for several days, because there is plenty to do! Bolsward is located near the water water and offers many possibilities for water sports. Renting a boat? That’s no problem! Around Bolsward you will find many boat rentals and most of the time you don’t even need a license. Also, surfing and sailing are fun activities to do in the vicinity of Bolsward. Rather a day of culture? That’s no problem either! In Bolsward you’ll find the the Titus Brandsma Museum The Frisian brewery, to name a few. There is plenty to do in and around Bolsward!

Accommodations in Bolsward

Are you cycling the Eleven Cities Route and want to stay the night in Bolsward? Or are you just coming for a few days to discover the city? There are lovely B & B’s and hotels in Bolsward which are all rated excellent. You can find a good hotel for every budget! But also around Bolsward there is plenty to find. Do you want to spend you holidays in the area of the town? Book a campsite or holiday park. You can even camp at the waterside!

Events in Bolsward

Throughout the year there are several events in and around Bolsward. You can participate in the The Eleven Cities Biking Tour . This yearly event takes place on Whit Monday and the start and finish are both in Bolsward . Anyone can participate in this trip, but be on time! There is only a limited number of starting places for the trip of up to 235 kilometers.

Culinary in Bolsward

As in the other Frisian cities you can eat well in Bolsward. Theculinary possibilities are well developed and you can find something to eat in Bolsward from every region of the World. You should try the typical local products in Restaurant Bij Us Heit. Fresh ingredients are used here in the kitchen and the locally produced whiskey is used in various sauces. Enjoy the culinary possibilities in Bolsward!

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