Experience the clay region

Discover a remarkable piece of Friesland!

Planning to visit the Clay Region?

Good plan! The Clay Region has something to offer for everyone. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic views, clean air, meadows with as many as diverse birds and charming villages. The Clay Region is an area where you can find old-sea clay. Typical are the meadows, potato fields and fields of sugar beets, onions and carrots. Explore the area by bike, by car or on foot.

The northwest corner of Friesland, where the clay region is located, is a very special part of Friesland. Beautiful meadows with not only cattle but also a variety of birds. Furthermore you will run in to lots of farmland and potato fields. Throughout the year, this is a beautiful area to go cycling or hiking. The Clay Region not only differs in landscape from the rest of Friesland, but also in spoken language. In the Frisian Clay Area you can hear the difference between the two sounds in the words ‘nei’, which means ‘at’ or ‘close to’, and ‘nij’ , which means new.

Hiking and biking in the Clay Region

Want to go hiking or cycling in a beautiful area? The Clay Region is a special part of Friesland offering you a completely different appearance than the other parts of Friesland. When you visit Friesland, you should definitely go to the Clay Region! With several hiking routes available you will pass many beautiful things while walking through this area! You will also pass towns like Franeker, Stiens and Harlingen. With the many opportunities for overnight accommodation you can explore the area for a number of consecutive days. Prefer cycling? The surroundings have beautiful cycle paths along different parts of the clay region allowing you to discover one of the most beautiful spots! The beautiful panoramic views assure an interesting cycling tour. The mound route takes you along the mounds which protected the inhabitants against the sea in the earlier years. You’ll pass many nice places that you will not soon forget!

Clay Region from the water

In the Frisian woods there are many opportunities for water excursions with boats or even with a canoe!


By canoe through the clay area? Sure you can! Beautiful routes have been mapped out, specially suited for the canoe


It’s also nice to explore the area by boat. It is easy to rent a boat if you don’t own one yourself. If you plan to explore the Clay Route, your trip will take you through a varied landscape of 22 kilometers. You wil run in to Deinum, Menaldum, Berlikum, Ried, Dongjum and Franeker along the way. Here you can dock your boat for a nice cup of coffee at one of the many restaurants. Of course you can stay over night, which gives you just that much more time for each town or city! The northern Eleven Cities Route is beautiful too. It passes through beautiful nature and charming villages. Along the way there is plenty of opportunity to dock and you can study the environment really well. Wonderful!

Culinary pleasures in the Clay Region

There is lots to be discovered in the Clay Region when it comes to eating and drinking. Many crops are locally grown here. Many farmers are located on these Frisian clay grounds. Carrots, potatoes and red beets come from this area. You will also find the tasty typical Frisian products, like Berenburg, Orange cake and sugar bread. With so many dining options nearby there are more than enough opportunities to taste whatever you want!

Events in Clay Region

Throughout the year various events are organized in the Clay Region. You really don’t want to miss them!

  • During the Harlingen Fishing Days you can taste the delicious fresh fish!
  • Go crazy during the Rock ‘n Roll Festival in Franeker
  • Stroll over the Christmas fair in St. Annaparochie

Accommodations in the Clay Region

Rather spend some more time in the Clay Region? No problem, there are more than enough possibilities for accommodation. You can choose a hotel or bed & breakfast, but you can also camp on one of the campsites or holiday parks of course!

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