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Culinary Friesland

Friesland is a special part of The Netherlands and is known for its uniqueness, so also in the kitchen. In the typical Frisian dishes many local products are processed, such as cranberries, Berenburg and dairy products. With an overview of the culinary locations in Friesland, you can choose the restaurant that suits you!

Products from the province

To the unique character of Friesland belongs a unique kitchen, and there is! By making use of products which the province has to offer surprising dishes come on the table. Have you ever heard of Reade Krobbe, Wichters or Friese Woudgeeltjes for instance? They all are a little peculiar maybe, but also very tasteful products straight from the province. Besides Frisian food the province also has very typical drinks. De Frisian Berenburg, a self brewed herbal liqueur, is known worldwide and can even be obtained in Greece. Berenberg can be obtained at many bars, liquor stores and restaurants, but attending a real tasting is even more fun of course. With all culinary delights in one list, you can choose a place yourself where you would like to taste all the goodies Friesland has to offer.

Leeuwarden The Capital of Taste

In 2015 Leeuwarden was declared capital of taste being the successor of Groningen, Den Bosch and Amersfoort. It came to the jury’s attention that Friesland has much to offer when it comes to local products. That fact will be brought to the attention even more this year by means of fun events and special activities. The people here say: “a year’s best of Friesland on your plate”. Visit JazzNtaste in March and attend the “ Groot Liwwadder dinner”in September. In November the Winter Food Festival is organized. Amateur cooks put their self invented winter food on the table. They can choose what ingredients to use themselves. To see the complete calendar have a look at the website.

Culinary Fryslân

Going out for dinner and enjoy the Frisian kitchen is also possible! There are plenty of restaurants where you can go. The partnership Friesland Culinary is a collaboration between twelve top restaurants making use of tasteful local products: the grassy meadows, the Frisian lakes, the salty flats, the Frisian Forests, the IJsselmeer, the Islands, the sandy soil and clay corner of Gaasterland and Stellingwerven. The restaurants each have their own character and atmosphere, so choose one that suits you.

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Friesland is versatile and for everyone! On the culinary side, there are many possibilities. Throughout the province are nice places where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. This differs from international cuisine to real Frisian dishes. You can choose what suits you best. A cup of coffee with Frisian Berenburg on the terrace is also a possibility! Moreover, there are plenty of culinary events where you can taste or take the delicious products home.

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