Discover the Frisian local products

Drinks, snacks and delicious dishes

Discover the Frisian local products

In Friesland you can find many tasty products that all have their origin in Friesland. You might think about the local product Oranjekoek now, but there is much more to be found in Friesland!

Frisian cuisine

Want to get to know the real Friesland? Please try the regional Frisian dishes. You find them in many restaurants in the province that you can visit during your stay in Friesland. You can also roll up your sleeves and try to make the dishes yourself. Go for example to Kruid en Spijs. Usually the dishes are traditional, but every now and then some new dishes are added. Of course the typical Frisian products are used in these dishes. Want to taste top level dishes? Twelve top restaurants in the province have started a cooperation through Friesland Culinair, but also in other restaurants you often find Frysk menu.

You will also find dishes that come straight from the Frisian Forests in Friesland. They might seem a bit odd at first, but they’re very tasty! Try the Reade Krobbe, a pink bean with red-purple spots. Or test a Wichter, a fruit belonging to the plum family..

Frisian drinks

The Frisian Berenburg is known worldwide and of course you should encourage yourself to discover this! This bitter herb originated in Amsterdam, where several distillers were using Hendrik Berenburgs herbs. He used to sell his spicy package in Amsterdam. Because of the fact that the herbal blends became more and more popular over the years, even among pharmacists, different variants of Berenburg arose quickly. In Friesland you can find different distilleries where you can get a guided tour and of course taste the drink yourself! Discover the different types of Weduwe Joustra, Meekma Berenburg, Sonnema Berenburg and Boomsma Berenburger. Discover the company Sonnema in Dokkum and Bolsward. The headquarters were formerly based in Dokkum, but is now housed in Bolsward. You can daily visit Sonnema in Bolsward.

Also discover the Frisian beer Us Heit that is being brewed in Bolsward. Specialty Beers are brewed in this brewery too. This brewery also makes Frisian whiskey named Frysk Hynder. This name refers to the noble horse, that like the whiskey, has exceptional characteristics. You want to taste this whiskey? You can order it at Us Heit!

Try also Dockumer coffee one time, hot coffee with a dash of Berenburg, covered with whipped cream. This coffee is the Frisian answer to the Irish Coffee. Do you want to make the coffee yourself? Discover the recipe.

Frisian bites

In Friesland you can find many kinds of cheese, bread and dairy products. The local products are promoted through Poerbêst. Try the Frisian orange cake, which is actually pink. Have you ever tasted sugarbread? In the old days, this product was given as a gift to mothers who gave birth to a newborn baby-girl. The bread consists of at least 40% sugar and is very tasty. Everywhere in Friesland you can find sugar bread and even dishes are made with it. Want to taste real Frisian cookies? Try the Fryske dúmkes, often eaten at tea time, or drabbel cookies. Want to make drabbel cookies yourself? Try the recipe.

What you really have to try in Friesland is the Frisian dry sausage . These sausages are mainly made in Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe, because the humidity in these provinces is suitable for drying the sausages. Clove is most commonly used for making the dry sausages, but there are often also other spices to be found in these sausages.
These herbs give the dry sausage its typical flavor. Learn about the Frisian dry sausage through Weidenaar.

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