Leeuwarden, town of flavors 2015

The best of Friesland on your plate for one year!

Capital of flavors

In 2015 Leeuwarden was elected Capital of Good Taste and this makes the city the successor of cities like Zwolle and Amsterdam. For one year, extra attention is paid to the products from this province. There are plenty of year-round activities and events. Definitely worth a visit!

City of flavors

With Leeuwarden city of flavors, this means a feast for the tongue for one year! For a year you can taste the best dishes and products from Friesland. The province has great products and they are brought to your attention even more now. All year tasty activities and events are organized and everyone is welcome. With Leeuwarden as capital of taste many entrepreneurs have adjusted their menus with a special flavor menu. Restaurant van Buren in the Oranje Hotel in Leeuwarden was the first to start with such a delicious menu. It gives the various restaurants the opportunity to share all the wonderful and tasty treats of Friesland with the rest of Holland. On the website of the Leeuwarden City of Flavors you will find delicious recipes such as stew with beef loin from the grill.

Culinary pride

The fact that the Frisians are proud surprises no one anymore, this are certainly the best local products which can be found in the province! Enough Frisian products are grown on the Frisian land, it is an outstanding agricultural province . Mainly green maize, seed potato, potato for human consumption and grain is grown here. You can also find livestock farming in Friesland, which both beef cattle and milk cows in the barn. Friesland pays more and more attention to organic products, 2% of the organic farm is split into dairy farms, grazing animal farms and agriculture farms.
Sustainability is something that is important to the province so this is what they focus on. The province encourages the development of technological innovations. They also want to improve the marketing and promotion of local products.

Frisian local products

Friesland has many products which are unique to the province. The following products you should really try if you’re in Friesland and Leeuwarden:

  • The Frisian peat smoked dry sausage smoked for hours at low temperatures
  • Biological Marlanner cheese with a unique taste
  • The Frisian yellow forest bean, a legume grown in the sandy soils of Friesland
  • Hand-made ice cream by IJsboerderij Boereiis
More information about local Frisian products


Throughout the year cozy culinary events are organized in and around Leeuwarden. The whole province is committed to only making the best products. You just have to taste them! In May, for example, there is the Flinke Food Festival, a mini festival where you can eat and drink while enjoying music and theater. In October, you can visit a local market in Friesland Oldeberkoop. Here, the local farmers and entrepreneurs tell you all about their products. Actually, you can taste and buy everything here, including meat, fish, vegetables and cheese. By the end of the year there is one last event, namely the fourth city garden dinner. During this dinner, a sustainable and social meal is presented to you at low cost. There are of course many more events, so take a quick look or just come along in Leeuwarden.

Overnight stay in Leeuwarden

Do you want to stay a few nights in Leeuwarden or in its environment? That´s possible! You can choose to visit several events or combine it with the many other attractions in the area. In Leeuwarden and surroundings are many hotels, bed & breakfasts, campsites and holiday parks you can go all year long.

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