The rich culture of Friesland

Visit Friesland and discover what typically Frisian is!

The culture of Friesland

The Frisians are known as a proud people, and that's for a reason! They have a rich culture to be proud of. Their own accredited language, the anthem, coat of arms and the famous Frisian flag make this province unique. Do you want to discover more about what formed Friesland into what it has become now? There are several possibilities in the province to explore the rich culture of Friesland!

Typical Frisian

Friesland is unique in her things, so it has a own language, national anthem, coat of arms and a very recognizable flag! In Friesland, they speak Frisian, a language which is now more than 1500 years old. It is an officially recognized second national language of The Netherlands. 74% of residents speak Frisian. This of course also includes an Frisian anthem which is sung proudly during ceremonies and special occasions. And who doesn’t know the pompeblêd, a type of heart on the flag of Friesland? Seven of the pompeblêd are printed on the flag. They represent the water lily leaf and they also stand for the seven Frisian Sea Countries in the Middle Ages. These were autonomous regions along the coast from Alkmaar to the Weser in Germany.

Frisian sports

If you are not from Friesland, you probably never heard of Skûtsjesilen, Fierljeppen and Rebounding but these sports are very popular in the province. Friesland is under the spell of the Skûtsjesilen in the summer, a battle between old cargo ship in the Frisian waters. Besides the skûtsjes the pole is used as means of transport in races, known as Fierljeppen. The purpose of this sport is to jump over a ditch as far as possible using a pole. Meanwhile this sport became very popular and is loved by hundreds of people. You can attend competitions in Burgum, Buitenpost, It Heidenskip, IJlst, Joure and Winsum. This is definitely worth it! Rebounding is a typical national sport , which was introduced in the 16th century by dike workers in Friesland. Rebounding is a ball game in which two teams of three players each compete against each other by means of hitting the ball to each other using their hands. The main competition for rebounding is the P.C which is annually attended by some 13,000 visitors. One tip: look up the rules of the game first so that you can perfectly follow the game!

Leeuwarden is Cultural Capital of Europe 2018

After an exciting finale it is really true; Leeuwarden is entitled to call itself Cultural Capital of Europe. The unique involvement of Frisians with immediate interested parties, family and neighbors have made a great impression in Europe. With culture as a means to the province of Friesland, Leeuwarden wants to make the world a little prettier. We expect a nice boost for Leeuwarden, Friesland – for now, in 2018 and far thereafter. That fact that the Frisians are proud of this we find absolutely justified!

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Friesland is versatile and for everyone! It is unique, with its own language, national anthem and typical sports. This can be discovered in Friesland. Besides the many museums and attractions in the area there are also plenty of active opportunities. Hit the ball at the rebounding field or attempt to cross a ditch with Fierljeppen? Everything is possible in Friesland!

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  Evenementen in Friesland

Dorpsfeest Haskerhorne

Dorpsfeest Haskerhorne

  Vanaf 8 June 2017

Donderdag 8 juni: 18.30 uur - Volleybaltoernooi (na afloop prijsuitreiking en disco). Vrijdag 9 juni: 12.00 uur - Kinderprogramma, 16.00 Bingo op het veld en om 19.00 uur Playbackshow (na afloop Disco Flash). Zaterdag 10 juni: 10.00 uur - 50+ activiteit, 13.30 uur Meerkamp en om 21.00 uur Top 40-band. Zondag 11 juni: 10.00 uur Koffie drinken voorafgaand aan de tentsamenkomt en om 10.30 uur - tentsamenkomst.

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  17 June 2017

Op deze zomeravond zal er een optreden verzorgd worden in de Buorren te Langweer. Van lichte jazz tot bigbandmuziek. Kom kijken en luisteren op straat of van het terras. Voor 2017 zijn de voorbereidingen in volle gang. Het is de bedoeling om de oude sfeer van het midzomeravondconcert terug te krijgen in Langweer. Via houden we u graag op de hoogte van alle ontwikkelingen!

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