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Admire the Frisian treasures in the dozens of museums Friesland has to offer. Both young and old enjoy themselves here just fine. Especially for the young people among us exhibitions are offered on a regular basis.

Museums in Friesland

There is a lot to read and discover about Friesland, hence the many wonderful museums! Here you can admire the beauty the province has to offer. There are some great museums that you should not miss, such as the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen and the Frisian Maritime Museum in Sneek. There are also numerous small and antiquity rooms that are very interesting. Have you ever been to the Beachcomber Museum of Ameland? Or the Model Railway Museum in Sneek? All these wonderful museums regularly organize exhibitions, so definitely worth a visit!

The Frisian Museum

The Frisian Museum located at the Wilhelminaplein in Leeuwarden opened its doors in September 2014. In this museum you’ll find everything there is to know about Friesland and the Frisians. How language evolved, the key figures, the eleven cities and more. You can even admire the sword of Frieslands freedom fighter Grutte Pier. Paintings of Gerrit Benner are exposed and you can watch the movie Robbery (Overval). Everything under the sign of Friesland through the years, a piece of foreign country in The Netherlands’. The Frisian Museum welcomes you from Tuesday to Sunday!

Frisian natural museum

You can discover all there is to know about Friesland in the Frisian Natural Museum. This museum, located in Leeuwarden, delves into the world of animals and plants. With assignments, games and experiments you discover the real nature of Friesland. Temporary exhibitions can be visited in the exhibition room at the museum. For children, parents and grandparents, this is a great getaway. You can do and discover so much in this museum yourself that it makes all the fun.

Museum Belvédère

In Heerenveen you will find the Museum Belvédère. This museum was officially incorporated in 2009 in the Dutch Museum Register. In the museum you’ll find art of the twentieth century and contemporary art. Typical is the surrounding scenic ambience that is reflected in the paintings of the museum. Among others you will find works of Thijs Rinsema, Jan Mankes, Hendrik Werkman and Jean Brusselmans in the Belvédère Museum. On a regular basis you will find expositions of remarkable artists in Heerenveen. Also numerous cultural events such as lectures, concerts and performances are organized. With guide? On request, a guided tour is certainly possible. Also this museum is open Tuesday / Sunday.


The Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker is known worldwide and well worth a visit! It is the oldest operating planetarium in the world built by the physicist and chemist Eisenach Eisinga in the 18th century. A planetarium is a scale model of our solar system. You will find everything there is to know about our planets here! The fun activities in the museum make this a trip for all ages, small groups, but also with a whole school class. Plenty of tours are also available through the building so you really get to know everything about our solar system. In the summer you can walk in here every day. In the winter months, the planetarium is closed on Mondays.

Galleries and Ateliers

Seeing the artists at work? In their studios and galleries, you can admire the works of many artists. They take you along in their feelings and creativity. Atelier Kleine-lijn is a combination of a vibrant workplace and shop. Everything here is made using traditional methods, such as hand-printed fabrics. Small studio line is a combination of a vibrant workplace and shop. Everything here is made using traditional methods, such as hand-printed fabrics. All materials are natural and are the basis of fine products such as scarves, kitchen towels and tablecloths.

The museumweekend

The yearly National Museum Week takes place in the spring of each year, formerly called the Museum Weekend. The museums in Friesland have plenty of activities that are fun for everyone during this week! Special exhibitions, concerts and activities make this week a special getaway. For the children special activities are organized. During this period you can even add a discount to the museum. Always wanted to visit one of the above museums? This is your chance! Visit the website For the latest information and data.

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