Discover the beautiful places of interest in Friesland

Mills, pumping stations, churches, states and stints and more

Discover the beautiful sights in Friesland!

In Friesland you will find beautiful places of interest. From churches to mills and from pumping stations to States and Stinzen. And nature in Friesland is an attraction in itself due to its great diversity. Which sites do you want to visit?

States and Stinzen

You want to know all about the history of the Frisian nobility? Discover all the States and Stinzen the province still has to offer. Imagine yourself completely in the old days when you visit these beautiful buildings. The estates and castles are huge and still beautiful to see. Since the twelfth century states and stinzen were built in Friesland when using stone was available only for the rich people of The Netherlands. The nobility could retreat in the stinzen in turbulent times that were often surrounded by moats and ramparts. Discover the different States and Stinzen in Friesland:

  • Stadhouderlijk Hof (Leeuwarden)
  • Dekema State (Jelsum)
  • Stania State (Oentsjerk)
  • Jongemastate (Rauwerd)


In Friesland you can find as many as 124 mills! There are polder mills, flour mills and hulling mills. You will find a mill in every town in Friesland. Some are still in operation, others not working anymore. A select group is only open for demonstrations to visitors. Want to see a demonstration? This is possible all year round! Find out about life in a mill and what needs to be done. Learn all about the Frisian mills!


Most churches in Friesland date from the Middle Ages! Since many years the churches are to be found in the province and they still are in good shape. The oldest churches stand on terps and were built with peat stone. Discover churches from different periods:

Roman churches (1000-1150)

  • Hantum
  • Grou
  • Nes

Romano-Gothic churches (1150-1400)

  • Boazum
  • Jistrum
  • Hallum

Gothic churches (1400-1600)

Pumping stations

In Friesland you can find more than a hundred pumping grounds! These pumping stations evacuate the water to keep the right level in the polders. Discover the three most famous pumping stations of the province of Friesland:

  • Wouda pumping station: A hugely impressive pumping station is Wouda pumping station. It is the largest pumping station in the world and is still in operation. It has an enormous machine hall with four steam engines and large flywheels linked to it. Definitely worth to visit one day!
  • Suder pumping station: This pumping station was built in 1924 and was one of the first electrical pumping stations in Friesland. You can find the pumping station in Nij Beets. Admire the large pumps that give you a good impression of the power of water.
  • J.L. Hoogland pumping station: This electric pumping station in Stavoren was officially opened on May 10, 1967. Architect P. de Vries designed the pumping station and even the appearance alone is impressive. The pumping station discharges the water from the Frisian basins into the IJsselmeer.


In Friesland are about 4500 monuments that can be found in the monument register. These monuments can be divided into churches and monasteries, mills, castles, fortifications, farms, roads and waterworks. The monuments are beautiful to see and reflect the history of Friesland. Curious about the monuments in Friesland? Find out about all monuments.


Friesland has many well-known buildings, all with special features. The Frisian Eleven Cities all have a protected cityscape and several other places all have protected villagescape. In Friesland you will find several UNESCO monuments, including the Wouda pumping station, the City Hall of Franeker and the Planetarium Eise Eisinga. Known because they are unique, tall or characteristic, are the City Hall of Bolsward, the Watergate of Sneek, the Tonnema factory and the Achmea tower. In Friesland are also several aqueducts and even today boats sail by! Because of the fact that the province is at the watershore, you will also find lighthouses there. Learn all about the architecture in Friesland.

Frisian nature

The nature in Friesland is a real attraction. There are four national parks and landscapes to be found in Friesland and they all look completely different. Discover the treetops, terps and water landscapes Friesland has to offer and fully enjoy your stay in Friesland.

Want to discover all the attractions in Friesland? One day is not enough! If you want to stay several days in Friesland, you can book your overnight accommodation.

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