Discover the theaters in Friesland

Discover the theaters and shows in Friesland

Are you already in Friesland or are you planning to come over soon? Undertake something cultural and discover one of the theaters in Friesland. Every year the theaters attract a lot of visitors who enjoy the entertainment, and dinner prior to the shows.

City theater de Harmonie

The Municipal Theatre can be found in the capital of the province of Friesland Leeuwarden. Every year approximately 450 activities take place in the Harmonie where 175,000 visitors come and enjoy the shows. The Harmony would like everyone, young and old, to feel at home in the theater. You will be well cared for throughout the evening while enjoying the show. Prior to the show you can eat a tasty snack in the Theatercafé. You can combine the performance with a nice dinner! The theater was designed by architect Frits van Dongen and has a unique character. Are you coming to the show at this theater?

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Theater the Lawei

You can find theater the Lawei in Drachten. It has a large regional function, because the theater is the largest in Southeast Friesland. Every year there are about 250 performances that take place, but other events are organized here as well. Amongst other things, conferences are organized here. The theater the Lawei is incredibly hospitable and gives you a warm, welcoming feeling. It is also nice to be working in the soothing surroundings of the theater. It is possible to have a bite to eat prior to the performance in this theater. The restaurant offers a three-course menu and a children’s menu especially for the kids. Visit a show in De Lawei!

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Posthuis Theater

Find the Posthuis Theater in Heerenveen. Performances are not only organized inside this theater, but quite often the Posthuis Theater organizes events in and around Heerenveen. Are you planning to get married in Heerenveen? This is also possible in the Posthuis Theater. The theater consists of two parts. There is an old building that was built in 1885 and a new component was added in 2005. There are several rooms in the Posthuis Theater, namely the Auditorium, Chase Meadow and The Society Hall. Every year there are many performances that take place at this theater. Will you attend a performance?

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Want to go out for dinner prior of the presentation? That is also possible in Friesland!

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