The Frisian towns and villages

each with their own charm and history

The Frisian towns and villages

Besides the vast landscapes and meadows the province also has nice villages and towns. Here you can enjoy your drink, visit a museum or go shopping. There is enough to do and experience in every town. Certainly the Eleven Cities, which you can visit in various ways, are a must!

The Eleven Frisian Cities

The Eleven Frisian Cities are all worth a visit! They each have their own character and their own story. On top of that, they all have a rich history, that means there is so much to discover for each city.
What characterizes the cities is the water, which also makes sense because the Eleven Cities Ice Skating Tour takes you through these cities.
Each town therefore has to offer something in terms of water and water sports. In terms of size there is quite a difference in the cities. Leeuwarden has nearly 110,000 inhabitants, whereas Hindeloopen only counts 900 inhabitants. However, there is plenty to do in every town! It is totally fun to discover the eleven towns in the form of a route, where you spend the night in another town every night. There are lots of possibilities to do this. You can visit the eleven cities in every single way, cycling, sailing, by car or on foot, it’s all possible.

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The Frisian Villages

Besides the eleven accredited cities in the province, there are plenty of other picturesque places that are fun to visit. Whether it’s in the fall, winter, spring or summer, each season is nice! Both Drachten and Heerenveen still today have a very nice town centre . You can enjoy a day of shopping here, but there are also plenty of attractions for young and old. Furthermore, there are watersports villages where you can skate along in the winter and go sailing or boating in the summer.

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Overnight stay in Friesland or simply eating out in the province? Discover your options!

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