A day away in Friesland?

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Want a day out in Friesland?

In Friesland are many opportunities for a day out. There is so much to do that you even need more than one day in Friesland! But still only available for one day? Then discover the best options for a day out in Friesland right now.

If you want to have a day out in Friesland, you have enormous possibilities. It all comes down to what you want to do. Are you coming with the whole family, with children or as a young couple? Don’t worry, there’s something to do for everyone in this beautiful province.

Boating in Friesland

Want to be out on the water for a day? You’re in the right province now. There are beautiful lakes, canals and rivers where you can be out on the water with your own or rental boat. Also canoeing is possible in the province. Everywhere in Friesland you will find boat rentals where you can rent, even if you have no license. Keep the bridge hours in mind, otherwise you may have to wait for a long time in some places. Discover the IJsselmeer, the Sneekermeer or Tjeukemeer. Or go boating on one of the beautiful winding rivers that flow through the province.

Hiking in Friesland

Want to go hiking in Friesland? Discover the many possibilities the province has to offer. Friesland is known for its versatile hiking routes . There are always exciting routes to be found along the beautiful waters of Friesland. During these hikes you will run into the nicest villages and towns where you can enjoy the coziness of the terraces. At any time of the year events in Friesland where you can hike various distances.

Biking in Friesland

Is Friesland a real biking province? It sure is! There are lots of possibilities to go biking in Friesland during your day out. For example, go mountain biking through the forest areas Friesland has to offer. Discover all the Eleven Cities Eleven Cities Route which you can cover by bike. Besides that, you will encounter beautiful towns and villages while cycling through Friesland where you can learn about the typical Frisian customs and habits.

Culture in Friesland

Want to know all about the Frisian culture? There are many things to explore in the typical Frisian province. Friesland for example, has its own language, its own national folk song, its own coat of arms and a very recognizable flag. The Frisian language meanwhile is more than 1500 years old and notably 74% of the population speaks the language. There are even a number of Frisian sports, such as skûtsjesilen, rebounding and fierljeppen. Have you ever tried one of these sports? They are very popular in the province!

Events in Friesland

Throughout the year, the most amazing events are organized in Friesland. You can find events on the islands, near the water, but also in forest areas. Discover for example the Sneekweek with many boat races or go and see the SKS of IFKS skûtsjesilen. Have a look at the events calendar to find out which event you want to attend. Combine a visit to these great events with an overnight stay in one of the excellent rated hotels or B&B’s. Or simply plan an entire vacation at a campground or holiday park in Friesland.

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