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The last city of the Eleven Cities Route is Dokkum. This city is known for its shopping, but also has a very historic centre. With as many as 140 national monuments there is plenty to see in this city! Moreover, the Berenburg is made here. You have to taste it!

The town

Dokkum is the city where Boniface was slain in the year 754. Dokkom only received city rights after Stavoren, IJlst and Harlingen in the year 1928. There is still a lot that reminds us from the prosperous times Dokkum had. The combination of a cozy atmosphere and the water around the town makes this city certainly worth visiting. You probably know Syb van der Ploeg, Sipke Jan Bousema and Dewi Pechle. They are all from Dokkum.

Attractions in Dokkum

Many things have been renovated over the last years in Dokkum. With help of the European Union, several works have been developed and the inner city got new pavement. With more than 140 national monuments there is much to see in the city! The Town Hall was built in 1610 and has a very historic character. The former Blokhuis used to be opposite to the Town Hall. Inside are now seventeenth century houses that stores have made their home. The fortified town of Dokkum is surrounded by ramparts, also known as strongholds. On these strongholds are also the windmills of the city. The water tower located in the centre is placed in the top 100 Dutch monuments!

Activities in Dokkum

A visit to Dokkum is well worth the effort. There is plenty to do! You don´t have to get bored. You can canoe around the strongholds, walk through the historic centre, have a ride in the Dokkumer Lokaeltsje, visit the Boniface Chapel and visit the museum. There are enough activities for young and old. Even as a shopaholic you can indulge yourself in Dokkum. Besides the well-known chains there are also nice smaller workshops where you can buy unique clothes. Need some time to relax during your walk or while shopping? You can eat and drink well at Grand Café de Waegh in the centre of town. You can order a typical Dokkumer coffee over there. This is a hot coffee with a splash of Berenburg. Sonnema Berenburg originates from Dokkum. Pure enjoyment! Dokkum is located close to National Park Lauwersmeer. This is a beautiful area where you can enjoy walking and cycling. This means, there is enough to experience in Dokkum!

Accommodations in Dokkum

Are you planning to come to Dokkum for several nights? There is a wide selection of AA hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, holiday homes and campsites. This can be done both in Dokkum and its surroundings. They all vary in location, luxury and atmosphere. Are you looking for a small Bed & Breakfast? De Dokkumer Bed & Breakfast is located in the former distillery of Sonnema Berenburg. You prefer a little more luxury? Then Hotel Posthoorn might be something for you. For the full list of possibilities have a look at our map. There is something for everyone!

Events in Dokkum

There is always something organized during your visit to Dokkum. Take a look at the events calendar and make sure you don´t miss a thing.

  • In March you can join the Boniface Run
  • The oldest weekly market in The Netherlands take place every Wednesday
  • Do you like music? There are concerts every Friday during the summer season

During these events, there are plenty of places to stay. This way you can fully enjoy the events!

Culinary in Dokkum

No shortage of restaurants in Dokkum, more than 20 restaurants and eateries can be found in the centre of Dokkum. They prepare both typically Frisian dishes as well as international dishes. It is not only tasty, but also fun to go out to eat in Dokkum. If you want a drink then try Sonnema Berenburg. This Frisian herbal liqueur was invented by Mr. Fedde Sonnema from Dokkum in 1860. The recipe? That’s still a secret ..

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