Are you coming to Drachten?

Visit and enjoy this beautiful place!

Are you coming to Drachten?

Situated in the east of Friesland, Drachten is a nice place to visit! Around Drachten you can find beautiful areas where you can walk, cycle or do many other activities. Are you coming to Drachten?

Drachten is the capital of the municipality of Smallingerland and after Leeuwarden the largest town in terms of population. Only in the 50’s Drachten became a bigger town, but now there is plenty to do here. The growth was mainly due to a Philips factory built in Drachten. In the past, the Drachtster Canal flowed through Drachten, but at a certain moment it was closed. Meanwhile, the Drachtster Canal is partially opened again.

Attractions in Drachten

The urban character of Drachten is clearly reflected in the number of stores and restaurants. But near Drachten can you find beautiful nature. A real attraction is the National Park De Alde Feanen. In the centre of Drachten you will find the Carillon , designed by architect Gunnar Daan in 1996. In the old days the drawbridge over the Drachtster Compagnons Canal used to be visible. On the bars of the Carillon texts in both Dutch and Frisian are written. In Frisian:

“Ut ierde binne wy berne, it fjoer stutsen wy út de grûn, ta wolfeart woe it wetter ús drage, de loft hat in tankliet ús jûn”

In English this means:

“We are born from the earth, the fire we lit from the ground, the water gave us prosperity, our air puts a song in our mouth”

In and around Drachten we find lots of historical buildings and monuments that are very worthwhile seeing.

Activities in Drachten

You can find theater De Lawei in Drachten; there are always nice performances here. Prior to the performances you have the possibility to enjoy dinner. You can also visit the Carmelite Monastery and get a tour. In a former convent you can find Museum Dr8888. The focus of the museum is on artists and movements that have something to do with Friesland. In the vicinity of Drachten, Eernewoude, you will find the Skûtsjemuseum where you can learn all about the sailors of the past and about the present Championships. Around Drachten find the art route Smallingerland. You can cover this tour, where artists open their studios to the public, by bike. Around Drachten there are beautiful cycling routes that you can choose from. By bike you can see various protected areas such as It Fryske Gea. Also water sports is an important activity around Drachten. On the many waters you can sail your own boat, but also renting a boat or taking sailing lessons is possibility.

Accommodations in Drachten

Drachten is ideal for overnight stays for both a short period and longer visits. There are many possibilities in Drachten, but also in the rural area of Drachten, there are plenty of places to stay. There is something to find for every budget. Would you like to camp? Book a stay at one of the campsites or holiday parks in the area. They often have beautiful accommodations. In and around Drachten you can also stay in a B&B or hotel and even with your camper, you can go to Drachten. Are you coming too?

Events in Drachten

From June to September, there is much to do in Drachten, especially on the Drachtster Sundays. The main event for people who come visit Drachten is Skûtsjesilen. The boat race is held every year near Drachten at the Veenhoop. The old cargo ships sail on the Frisian Lakes and this is very exciting!

Culinary in Drachten

In and around Drachten you can fully enjoy the culinary. There are many restaurants in Drachen; all rated well by their visitors. But also in the area there are excellent options to eat out. Enjoy the local products that you will not taste anywhere else! Local restaurants know exactly how to prepare the delicacies and will give you the night of your life.

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