Cover the Eleven Cities Route!

Discover the beautiful cities of Friesland

Cover the beautiful Eleven Cities Route!

Always wanted to discover the Eleven Cities of Friesland? Then cover the full distance of the Eleven Cities Route! During this route you will discover the most beautiful towns and nature reserves. In addition, there are excellent opportunities for spending the night, so you can make the most of your Eleven Cities route. Discover the route by bike, by car or motorbike, by boat, sloop or on foot.

The Eleven Cities Route by bicycle

To cover the Eleven Cities Route by bike, it’s best to divide the route over several days and stay in one of the wonderful accommodations Friesland has to offer. You just want to visit a few of these cities while biking? No problem! You can put together the route yourself. Discover the beautiful cities like Bolsward, Leeuwarden and Sneek and enjoy the different sceneries that are all very beautiful. Combine your bike tour with good food and dine at a different location every night. With an E-Bike you can also cover the Eleven Cities Route by bike. Then it is possible to not have to do the whole lap, but to select your own start point and end point.

The Eleven Cities Route by car or motorcycle

You want to cover the route by with your own car or motorbike? All this is no problem! Plan a few days in Friesland and stay in a hotel of B&B, at a campsite or on a holiday park. There are beautiful holiday parks at the water side or in the middle of nature. The distance you need to cover is 200 to 250 kilometers, but exploring a smaller piece of the route is of course also possible. Discover the beautiful Friesland from your car or from your motorcycle and do not forget to stop at the interesting sights and wonderful restaurants!

The Eleven Cities Route by boat

Do you own a boat or are you planning to rent one in Friesland? You can cover large portions of the Eleven Cities Route by boat.shipping routes. By doing this you will discover the beautiful rivers and lakes that characterize the beauty of Friesland well. Accommodation is possible at one of the resorts where you can dock your boat. Enjoy the good restaurants where you can taste various Frisian dishes.

Are you coming to Friesland? Cover the Eleven Cities Route. Take the boat, bicycle, car,motorcycle, or go on foot! You will find the most beautiful spot in the province and in the meanwhile you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in the good restaurants. It would be best to stay several nights!

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