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Friesland is a province that likes hustle and bustle! You are always welcome at one of the regularly organized events. The events vary in size, location and date. There is always something going on where you are and when you are there. In our events calendar you can see exactly what to do. Keep an eye on the calendar and come along! Do you want to book an accommodation for the same night? We have put a list together with all the possibilities.

The event calendar

When you book your visit to Friesland, you surely don’t want to miss out on anything that’s going on in the province. With our events calendar you can see exactly where you should be and when you should be there not to miss anything! Are you for example in the province in the summer time? Then you can drive or sail along Sneek Sneekweek. During the day the ships compete with each other on the water, but at night there is time for a snack and drink in the city with live music! This is all Frisian hospitality. Rather be active yourself? The The Eleven Cities Tour on Bike starts in the month of February each year. The total length is 200 kilometers. During this bike ride you pass all eleven Frisian cities.

Combine with an overnight stay

Want to combine an event with an overnight stay? Around the events are always plenty of opportunities to spend the night. Be there on time, it’s always extra busy during those periods. Beforehand, you can eat a snack at one of the many restaurants or cafes nearby. This is the way to experience Friesland!

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Friesland is versatile and Friesland is for everybody! Events are held regularly throughout the year that you should not miss. There is much variation in the events, so there is something for everyone! On the water, in the woods, in the villages, you can not name it, there is always something to do during your stay! The events calendar keeps you informed of the main events that are planned. This way you really learn what Friesland is about and you won’t miss a thing!

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Dorpsfeest Haskerhorne

Dorpsfeest Haskerhorne

  Vanaf 8 June 2017

Donderdag 8 juni: 18.30 uur - Volleybaltoernooi (na afloop prijsuitreiking en disco). Vrijdag 9 juni: 12.00 uur - Kinderprogramma, 16.00 Bingo op het veld en om 19.00 uur Playbackshow (na afloop Disco Flash). Zaterdag 10 juni: 10.00 uur - 50+ activiteit, 13.30 uur Meerkamp en om 21.00 uur Top 40-band. Zondag 11 juni: 10.00 uur Koffie drinken voorafgaand aan de tentsamenkomt en om 10.30 uur - tentsamenkomst.

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  17 June 2017

Op deze zomeravond zal er een optreden verzorgd worden in de Buorren te Langweer. Van lichte jazz tot bigbandmuziek. Kom kijken en luisteren op straat of van het terras. Voor 2017 zijn de voorbereidingen in volle gang. Het is de bedoeling om de oude sfeer van het midzomeravondconcert terug te krijgen in Langweer. Via houden we u graag op de hoogte van alle ontwikkelingen!

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