Activities with children

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Discover the activities with children in Friesland

Coming to Friesland with your children? There is plenty to do for families.

Activities in and around water

If you come to Friesland with your children there is plenty to do on and around water. There are beautiful beaches like in Lemmer f.i. You can also go sailing with children through one of the many routes that you can find in Friesland. One can even participate in boating puzzle tours! When you go to amusement park Kameleon village situated near the Sneekermeer, your whole day is about water. Discover how Hielke and Sietse lived their adventures around the water! Also discover Aquazoo in Leeuwarden. Here you see seals, flamingos and pelicans!

Hiking activities

In Friesland are many hiking trails that are also great fun for kids. Follow for example the Familiepad in the Drents-Friese Wolt. This trail is suitable for strollers and people with handicaps. The hikes are usually not very long, so even the youngest children can join. Have a city walk and enjoy the beautiful buildings and museums that the city has to offer. Live the adventure in the beautiful areas that Friesland is known for!

Cycling activities

Cycling with children in Friesland? There are many nice cycle routes to be found throughout the whole province! Whether you want to bike along the waterfront or through a wooded area, everything is possible. And on the way are dozens of opportunities to take a break and have a tasty ice cream cone. There are even bike trails in Friesland where you eat and drink something in every village or town you come through. This makes your bike ride even more fun!

Cultural activities

Want to do cultural activities in Friesland with children? Discover for example the impressive Wouda pumping station. This is the largest steam-driven pumping station still in use in the world. Besides that, there are many other buildings that are on the UNESCO list. Very interesting and educational for children. But also the Nature museum is lot of fun to visit. Here you can see a sperm whale from up close and participate in experiments, games. Have your kids ever seen a ship wreck? Het Wreckmuseum on Terschelling is completely built from the wreck wood of a ship.

Other activities

Do your children want to have fun and enjoy themselves to the max? In the Playwoods in Joure children can enjoy themselves! It is a 1,500 square meter play area which is completely covered. There is a ball volcano, a pirate island, a labyrinth and a gameworld. Also the parents can enjoy themselves while having a cup of coffee. Do your kids like to climb and clamber? Go to Monkeytown. Children from 1 to 12 years old can run through secret passages and challenging tunnels. Also, kids parties can be held here.

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