Have you ever been to Franeker?

This city which is know for old fashioned handball should not be missed!

Are you coming to Franeker?

Franeker is the capital of the municipality Franekeradeel, but also the city of sport of rebouncing and the planetarium. You guessed right, in Franeker there is always something to do. There are plenty of national monuments. You will not believe your eyes when you see them! Prefer to get active? Hiking, biking, canoeing and rebouncing, everything is possible here!

The city

Franeker is one of the eleven Frisian cities and employs nearly 13,000 people. This makes it one of the bigger cities in Friesland. Franeker is best known for the great handball tournament called rebouncing (kaatsen) which is organized in the summer, namely the PC In addition, many tourists come to Franeker to visit the planetarium, where you can have a look at a model of our solar system.

Attractions in Franeker

Franeker is a historical city with many monuments such as the old town hall, the Martini church, the Martena house and Planetarium Eise Eisinga. Also from the water there is plenty to see in Franeker. You can go to various boat rental companies to rent a boat and experience the city from the water. The Martena garden is a stinzen garden which shows you special stinzen plants, especially in the spring when it is most beautiful to walk through the garden! And…it’s free.

Activities in Franeker

Want to getactive? Franeker is great for hiking, biking and boating. Several hiking routes bring you past the best known monuments of Franeker. They all vary in distance, so you can choose whatever suits you best! From the water Franeker is beautiful too. With several boat rental companies available you do not miss anything! For a delicious cup of tea Franeker is the place to be! The centre has some cute and cozy tea houses to offer. These were built in the 18th century and the main purpose was the ceremony of tea drinking. That was still a relatively new drink. From 18 June / 12 September you can visit these houses in the afternoon and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Accommodations in Franeker

Not bored after one day in Franeker? The city has enough to offer when it comes to accommodations. You can choose to stay in a small place, for example in the City Inn of Franeker or Grand Café the Doelen. A little more space? Choose the Tulip Inn Franeker where comfort and Frisian hospitality are combined the right way. Are you bringing the whole family? Then recreation Bloemketerp is definitely recommended. All hotels and parks are near activities and attractions.

Events in Franeker

For three major events you really have to get to Franeker; the Agrarian Days, the Rock & Roll Festival and the P.C.. The Agrarian days originate from the livestock markets and are held every third Thursday in September. At the same time, this whole week evolves to a week of celebrations with many activities. For both sportive people as well as music fans the Agrarian Days offer the best of both worlds with crackling fireworks at the end. Each year a new theme is chosen. In the style of this theme the people from Franeker and its surroundings will join the party. A little wilder for you? Thats possible too of course. In June, the annual Rock ‘n Roll Festival is organized. Enjoy cool music and cars. Each year a US Car Show is organized with all American Oldtimers. Prefer a sportier event? Then you have to go to the biggest handball (rebouncing) tournament in Friesland, PC. During this tournament the 16 best team of Friesland fight for the much desired title.

Culinary Franeker

Since 2011 there is a real culinary festival in Franeker, ´Tasty Franeker `. During this event, visitors are surprised by the menus of restaurants in the area. You can try various dishes everywhere. Would you rather go to one of the restaurants? Franeker has enough to offer. The Grillerij (Grill room) in Franeker is one of those trendy places where you can enjoy the real Burgundian dishes. You can go as a couple, with a group or with the whole family! The restaurant offers a changing menu. Moreover, weekly culinary activities are organized with live music and guest chefs! Going crazy for pizza? At Ristorante Pizzeria Toscanini the delicious pizzas are made with fresh products!

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