Explore the Frisian Woodlands

Discover this remarkable piece of Friesland

Discover the beautiful Frisian Woodlands!

The Frisian Forests might even be the most surprising part of Friesland. The region lies in the east of the province and has a completely unique character. The Frisian Woodlands are located on sandy soils. In addition, the treetops in this area are truly unique!

The southeast corner of Friesland where the Frisian Forests are located, looks quite different from the rest of the province. Beautiful woods with large green areas. There are also wooded banks, heath fields, grasslands and beautiful streams. In addition, the Frisian Forests are a wonderful place to do activities like hiking and cycling. Throughout the year you can enjoy the beautiful nature here.

Hiking and biking in the Frisian Forests

Would you like to hike or bike in a beautiful area? The Frisian Forests are a very nice piece of Friesland and again offer a completely different appearance than the other parts of Friesland. When you go to Friesland, you should definitely visit the Frisian Forests. You can find an archeological hiking trail of 22,5 km right through this area. You will pass places like Bakkeveen and Wijnjewoude. In these places you will find plenty of accommodation options which makes several day trips possible! It´s also possible to explore the area of your accommodation by bike. During the trip you will see prehistoric tombs and entrenchments, but also for bird watching the Frisian Woods are an excellent place. When you’re walking, you get to see the beautiful wilderness and its unusual flora and fauna. The hikes in the Frisian woods are really beautiful!

Different tours in the Frisian Woodlands

In the Frisian woods there are many opportunities for trips on foot, by bike or even by canoe!

Mountain biking

You can start in Appelscha by mountain bike and take a trip of 18 kilometers on dirt trails through a beautiful area with heaths, woods and fens. You can find several bike rentals near Appelscha.


Subsequently you can go canoeing in the woods! Yes, that´s right, in the forests of the Frisian Woods you can also enjoy yourselves on the water. There are possibilities to rent a canoe in Oldeholtpade, Ravenswoud and Bakkeveen and experience the beautiful routes that are mapped out.

Horseback riding

Do you love horseback riding? There are several stables in the Frisian Woods and from there you can cover a beautiful, completely mapped out tour on horseback. In Noordwolde, Appelscha and Bakkeveen are beautiful routes where you can ride your horse. Bring your own horse or rent a horse at one of the riding schools.


It is also a wonderful experience to explore the environment by boat. If you take the Frisian Peat Route, you make a journey of 70 kilometers and pass by a large part of the Frisian Forest. The route starts in Appelscha and at the dunes of Bakkeveen you will find an observation tower from where you have beautiful views. The Turfroute (Peat route) is wonderful by boat!

More information about boating

Culinary in the Frisian Woodlands

In the Frisian woods you will find a lot in the area of culinary delight. You can literally taste the Frisian Forests with the lunch dish Lunch (Twaalfuurtje). There are lots of culinary activities. On many locations in the Frisian Forests you can find the best local products where you can cook with yourself.

Events in the Frisian Woodlands

You really have to experience one of the many events that are organized in the Frisian Forests each year!

  • Frisian Woods Lunch party where you can taste and experience the Frisian Woods
  • Frisian Regional Market in Oldeberkoop
  • Flaeijelfeest in New Horne where you can experience a day in the past!


Spending the night in the Frisian Woodlands

Would you like to come to Friesland and spend several days in the Frisian Woodlands? There are many ways to spend the night at campsites and holiday parks, but you can also choose to stay in a hotel or bed & breakfast.

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