Are you coming to Heeg?

Discover the sports village in southwest Friesland!

Are you coming to Heeg?

Heeg is located in the Southwest of Friesland and is known for its water sports possibilities! From this village you can very easily get to the Heegermeer. Also the IJsselmeer is easily accessible via Fluessen for instance!

The place

Heeg is situated ten kilometers south of Sneek at the Heegermeer. Eel fishing was an important means of existence for a long time. Nowadays Heeg is mainly known for its water sports. Whoever thinks of Heeg, thinks of water sports too. But there is much more to experience in Heeg.

Attractions in Heeg

You will find several attractions in Heeg. There are beautiful churches, such as the Hagha church and the Ichthus Church. There are several historical monuments that reflect the history of Heeg. The village is full of historic buildings and old, historic homes. Have a look at the boat’s room (Scheepskamer) for instance, where you will find many artworks related to ships and ports. Beautiful to admire! A major attraction at Heeg is the Heeger lake. In the lake you will find several islands, including Rabbit Island! In earlier times the Heegermeer (Heeger lake) was created by a glacier, together with the Fluessen and the Morra. A special attraction in nature that you see almost nowhere else!

Activities in Heeg

In addition to the many water sports activities, you can do many other things in Heeg. In the village you will find lots of sailing schools, marinas and boatyards. A fun way to explore the area is by boat. You can rent a boat at one of the marinas for which in most cases there are no license requirements. Discover the wonderful Heegermeer from the water! Always wanted to learn how to sail? Learn how to sail during a holiday in Heeg. You’re close to the IJsselmeer where it’s great sailing. The area of Heeg is also good for biking and hiking. In the open, flat landscape you will find rustic villages with beautiful churches. In between, there is always time to take a break at one of the cafés. Want to go out for a night? Of course that’s possible! The nightlife has evolved over the years, and discotheque Ald Wal is a good example for that.

Accommodations in Heeg

Do you want to stay in Heeg for a longer period of time or just for one day? In Heeg everything is possible! The place offers cozy B&B’s and around Heeg you can find many campsites and holiday parks where you can have a wonderful holiday. Who doesn’t want to camp at the waterfront? It is also possible to rent an accommodation at a campsite in Heeg which is a little more luxurious. Are you going to Heeg with a group to spend the night? Book one of the many group accommodations Heeg has to offer! From the group accommodations it’s easy to get to the centre to enjoy a pleasant evening.

Events in Heeg

Throughout the year, beautiful and fun events are being organized in Heeg. The IFKS Skûtsjesilen is the best known example of this. In the holiday season the IFKS will also attend Heeg where exciting races are held! But there are other fun events in Heeg and its surroundings of course as well. Think of an event called Open Water Season which takes place every year in early May. The Heechsimmer Festival is a festival that you absolutely must experience! Several bands perform near the beach of the Heegermeer. The most remarkable thing about it is that the performances take place on floating stages!

Culinary in Heeg

When it comes to food, Heeg is very well developed. You will find many nice and cozy restaurants in the centre of town where you will be served delicious meals and local products. Immerse yourself in the Frisian culture and the Frisian cuisine and enjoy all the delicacies that Heeg has to offer!

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