Are you coming to Heerenveen?

Discover the possibilities in this town

Are you coming to Heerenveen?

Heerenveen is the oldest peat canal village in The Netherlands. That's right, Heerenveen is a village! It is not among the eleven Frisian cities and can therefore not call themselves a town. Many people think it is a town, however. Heerenveen is known for the many sports activities that are offered.

The place

What do you think of, when you think of Heerenveen? Probably sports! Heerenveen is known for skating, soccer and gymnastics. Heerenveen is the capital of the homonymous municipality and has about 30,000 inhabitants. The place consists of 11 neighborhoods which all started in different centuries. The centre of Heerenveen in originated and built in the 16th century and is the oldest district of Heerenveen.

Attractions in Heerenveen

Heerenveen has some wonderful attractions. The hospital The Tjongerschans has an important function in the city, but also the Town Hall on Crack Street is important for Heerenveen. In Heerenveen you will find beautiful old buildings, monuments, and there are even two stinsen. Stins is the Frisian word for stone house and thus mansions or castles are meant by this. One of them is called The Crackstate and the other one is The Oenemastate. There is still one mill in Heerenveen. In the field of sport, there is so much to see in Heerenveen. What about the famous and notorious Thialf stadium? The ice stadium is very well known throughout the whole world! But the gymnastics hall in Heerenveen is known mainly because of one of the best gymnasts in the world, Epke Zonderland. Meanwhile, his “home arena” is renamed to Epke Zonderland gymnastics hall. The soccer stadium of Heerenveen is a nice attraction as well and is located next to the gymnastics hall. You’re not a sports fan, but you do like museums? You can also find them in Heerenveen! In addition, throughout the city you will find several monuments, such as the Abe Lenstra and Wim Duisenberg monument.

Activities in Heerenveen

In Heerenveen you can do anything. Go to one of the speed skating events at the Thialf stadium or go skating yourself on the most famous skating rink in The Netherlands. You can also go swimming or fishing at recreation park De Heide. Heerenveen is excellent for shopping too. In the centre you’ll find famous shops and a market is held on some days as well. In this place you will find many sports activities that are fun for everyone!

Accommodations in Heerenveen

Do you want to spend several days in and around Heerenveen? During the sports events you can accommodate in Heerenveen. The place has a recreation park, a mini-camp and several B&B’s and hotels. There are also group and private accommodations available where you can stay when you are in Heerenveen. Do you want to visit a skating event for several days? Book one of the beautiful accommodations or spend the night at one of the beautiful campsites.

Events in Heerenveen

You can experience several events in Heerenveen. Most of the events are sports related. Important skating events, like the NK-skating (National Championships), are held in Heerenveen and occasionally even an international one. Visitors from around the country and around the world come to see these events. In particular the Frisian curve is well known here!

Culinary in Heerenveen

The culinary side of Heerenveen is very well developed! There are lots of restaurants and cafes where you can eat during your stay. Lunch, dinner or just breakfast? It´s all possible and everyone can find something nice. Often times nice arrangements are offered to eat and sleep in Heerenveen. Discover the possibilities for your culinary stay in Heerenveen.

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