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Hiking in Friesland

Thinking of Friesland, you might not think about hiking right away. And yet, Friesland has enough to offer when it comes to hiking. The expansive nature, the forests, the tidal flats and waters offer many opportunities for you to get out!

Hiking routes in Friesland

Friesland is known for its versatile landscape . Besides the many waters that characterizes the province, there are beautiful forests, open plains and charming villages. We have mapped out all the hiking routes for you. Thus, you do not have to miss anything when you’re in Friesland! Do you like to make a lot of mileage? Besides the 5 kilometer routes we also have routes of 16 and even 40 kilometers. You can choose to go through the woods, along the water or walking from village to village, but also from city to wad is a route where you really get to know Friesland. Have you always wanted to explore nature park Alde Feanen for instance with its many birds and variety of trees and plants? Or do you prefer the quaint town of Dokkum? With over 50 hiking trails through Friesland you can really choose a route that suits you.

Activities during hiking

Along the way are always plenty of activities and attractions! In Terherne you can meet the family Klinkhamer in Kameleondorp. Visit Aqua Zoo in Leeuwarden, the park for aquatic animals. Also, the World Heritage (UNESCO) posted “Ir. Wouda pumping station” Lemmer should not be missing on your hike. Do you fancy a nice dinner after your hike or would you rather find a hotel? There are many opportunities along the trails in the area to spend the night and dine out.

Hiking events in Friesland

Are you an avid hiker? Then you shouldn’t miss the hiking events in Friesland. Throughout the year you can participate in well organized events. During Easter weekend you can cover different distances in the vicinity of Nij Beets in the Damshus hike. In the area of Terherne you can participate in the spring with the 14 kilometers hike of Terherne. Besides covering the 14 kilometers, there are also 14 activities; all planned at night time.

View the accommodation offers

Friesland is versatile and for everyone! As for hiking there are many possibilities, varying from the forests to the towns and the Wadden Islands to the Sea. You can choose what suits you best. Would you like to complement your hike with an overnight stay, dinner or activity? We are happy to show you all there is to do in the area and which routes are most suitable. This way you get to know Friesland really well and don’t have to miss a thing!

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