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The best hiking routes of Friesland

With our trails you will pass many beautiful places in Friesland. The versatility of the province is clearly reflected in these routes. You walk along the water, go through the woods or from city to city! And there is something to experience, see or do all around. Getting active in the peaceful surroundings and vast fields of Friesland can be done with these maps!

Hiking in Friesland

Friesland is for the hikers among us a great destination! The alternations in nature make each walk again just slightly different. Not one day is the same. You can walk along the water, but also through the woods. This makes it wonderful. Rather going through the dorpjes? With more than 50 hiking trails in Friesland you just choose what suits you! The routes vary in distance. There are routes of 5 kilometers long, but also routes from more than 40 kilometers long can be found. It brings you for example along the woody Beetsterzwaag, or along the seawall in Harlingen. It’s a fact that you come along the most beautiful spots and get to know Friesland really well.

Hiking routes

Friesland offers many possibilities in terms of hiking. Spread across the province are trails laid out that lead you by beautiful pieces of Friesland. With more than 50 routes, there is plenty of choice! For you alone, as a couple or with the entire family there are very suitable routes. You come to places where you can not get by car or bike, which makes it extra special. By all means, don’t forget your binoculars and camera. Indeed, there are many unusual animals, birds and plants to be discovered. The Lende valley is one of the places the route runs through. In this marshland you can find special marsh birds. It is an area of peace and space. While you’re there you can have a look at the monumental octagonal water mill, the Gooyer. In the area of the Lauwersmeer you will also find a wonderful hiking route.

Cultural hiking routes

There are also routes specifically aimed at the culture of Friesland and certain areas. As in Bergum where you will find a cultural historical route, which takes you back to the history of this region. On foot you pass 20 attractions including the oldest house in the village and several sculptures. You also pass the local museum, the Volkssterrenwacht ( Folk Observatory). Many archaeological and geological findings are exhibited here. Information about the famous Burgumer Hendrik Bulthuis you can find here as well. This hike covers a total of about 9 kilometers. When you are in the west of Friesland,route Planetarium to Fibula is definitely recommended. It takes you through the main attractions in the ancient university city of Franeker and surroundings. With a length of 14 kilometers, it’s a slightly longer route. A route with similar length is the Pingjumer Gulden Halsband , a trip on the oldest dikes in Friesland. This area has a rich history with many memories to Menno Simons, the founder of the Mennonite church.

Discover all hiking routes

Walking along impressive art objects is the purpose of art routes. These are specially formulated routes along the most impressive art of Friesland. The routes also bring you to popular buildings where you can read and learn more about Friesland.

  • Atelier route in Leeuwarden
  • Art route in Franekeradeel
  • Art route book – artwork on the road in Ooststellingwerf
  • Art at the coast in Harlingen

These routes are definitely worth it if you want to sniff some culture and do not want to miss the most beautiful works of art!

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