Mudflat hiking

Walking through this special piece of Friesland!

Are you coming over for mudflat walking?

On foot is the best way to explore the Wadden Sea area. There's also a lot to explore, with its rich nature and large number of birds!

Mudflats walking can be done on both sides of the Wadden Sea. Whether you go for a longer hike or choose the shorter option, the Wadden Sea is always beautiful. You may do this for several days. Along these routes are in fact adequate accommodation possibilities.

The Wadden area

The area around the Wadden Sea is a unique piece of nature. In 2009 the Wadden Sea was placed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Moreover, this area is of vital importance for the millions of birds that fly over here and look for food during their trek. With on the one hand, the Wadden Islands, where the wind, sea and beach meet. The islands also have the most sunshine hours of The Netherlands, the rain often pulls away. At the other side is the coastal area, a perfect hiking area for nature lovers! There is still a lot of history to be found here. Looking at the knolls and mounds you can see how high the water came in the Middle Ages. The four key spots along the Wadden Sea area are:

  • Harlingen, with its port, fishing days and lively centre
  • Lauwersland, where you can walk through National Park Lauwersmeer
  • Uytland. A vast rural area where you can enjoy nature, culture and history
  • Het Terpelân, with 29 villages a cultural-historical area

Whatever side you choose in the Wadden Sea, it’s great strolling everywhere. Along vast areas and a variety of nature and animals. Something nice for everyone!


The routes along the Wadden Sea area are easy to follow with the signs mounted here. With black plastic poles and square markings in blue and red. At the top of the marking, the mudflats logo is shown, below this the node and a direction.

Mudflat walking

Around the Wadden Sea it is great to go for a walk, but not only that, you can even walk on it! This is a whole experience in itself. And also nice to combine it a with mudflats hike. If you stay for a couple of days you a choose to even cross the Wadden Sea to the other side. You walk along sand banks, mussel beds and gullies. We advise you to do so under supervision. Also in groups it is very nice to look at the flats and discover nature in this area.

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