The Frisian Wadden

A unique piece of Friesland!

Mudflat walking in Friesland

Mudflat walking is a fantastic experience and brings you along a unique piece of nature. A seal keeps an eye on you from a trench, crabs hide and every now and then you'll find yourself up to the knees in the mud, that's mudflats!

From the Frisian Wadden Sea coast you walk with a guide to Ameland, Schiermonnikoog or Rottum. It’s fantastic, the atmosphere, nature and silence. It is a sporty activity and sometimes quite heavy. The subsoil, sucks your shoes into the ground. Moreover, the tide turns!

Mudflat walking with children

Despite the adventurous character of mudflat walking, there are certainly opportunities for children to walk along too. Indeed, there are special tours designed for younger children. For the elderly, it still is indeed great fun. This way the mudflats can be discovered by everyone! A wad ramble is a good option for beginners and youngsters. You stay along the coastline during these walks and do not cross over. Here too you can run into tidal channels and enough mud can be found, so that you have a similar experience as when you would make the crossing. Along the road your guide tells you many things and there is plenty to see! A combination with mudflats and a boat trip is also a perfect solution when you’re on the road with children. You will sail to a dry sandbar where you can walk a little, spot the seals and find shells.


In the area several tours are organized in which you can participate. These differ in distance, duration and price. Also, one trip is heavier than the other. An overview of all tours:

  • Ameland (10 kilometers)
  • Engelsmanplaat (12 kilometers)
  • Eilanderbult (7 kilometers)
  • Pinkegat (11 kilometers)
  • Het Rif (20 kilometers)
  • Hoge Wier (16 kilometers)
  • Schiermonnikoog (19 kilometers)
  • Retour Ameland (18 kilometers)
  • Rottumeroog (11 kilometers)
  • Terschelling (18 kilometers)
  • Texel (10 kilometers)
  • Wierbalg (9 of 16 kilometers)
  • Schiermonnikoog via Brakzand (11 kilometers)
  • Simonszand (12 kilometers)

View which trip will suit you best and be sure that you are well prepared. That will assure that you will have a nice trip!

Group or team building getaway

You want to go on the road with a group? For a company outing, a family day or with friends, mudflat walking is a fun activity! Combined with some nice food and drinks, mudflat walking is a guaranteed success. You can choose to first boat a little and then walk a bit on a dry sandbank. Prefer to make the whole crossing? That is also possible! Tailor-made tours ensure that you will get this special experience!

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