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Are you coming to Hindeloopen?

Hindeloopen is a small town in the southwest of Friesland. This town lies at the IJsselmeer and therefore offers many possibilities in the field of water sports. With some 900 inhabitants, Hindeloopen is one of the smaller cities in Friesland. Hard to understand Frisian? In Hindeloopen they speak quite a different accent, Hindeloopers. This dialect retains the medieval vowels and therefore has a very distinctive sound.

The city

Hindeloopen gained its own city rightsin 1225. Pretty crazy actually, with so few residents. Yet Hindeloopen was an important trading place, with an entrance to the Zuiderzee. The skippers of Hindeloopen departed in their ships to the East Sea so they could trade and sell things like gin and woolen slippers. Hindeloopen flourished immensely in the 17th and 18th century. This is still well reflected as the city has many beautiful buildings and attractions. Hindeloopen used to have its own costumes in the earlier years. Today, these outfits are only seen during performances and demonstrations.

Attractions in Hindeloopen

Even though Hindeloopen is a small city, there are many attractions to be seen. You will notice that there are many wooden bridges when you walk through the city. The city has its own language and its own character. Want to discover more about this? You can visit the Old Town Hall in the city centre. Here you can learn all about the history and culture of Hindeloopen. You will learn all about the rich trading period of this city. Subsequently the Hindeloopen Museum offers lots of additional information, photos and footage of the city. It is one of the oldest museums in Friesland. When you head into the direction of the water you will run into the lock keeper’s house and the sluice. This sluice is the connection between the centre, the harbor and the IJsselmeer. Eventually you will get to the harbor where you will see the boats that are docked there and others sailing by. Last but not least, a breath of fresh air on the dike and you have a great day in Hindeloopen!

Activities in Hindeloopen

There is plenty to do in and around Hindeloopen. Do you want to go shopping? It is cozy and authentic here. There are not many shops, but there are a number of attractive village and souvenir shops. You will certainly find something here for the homefront! Still want to do Eleven Cities Route in one way or another? You can! From Hindeloopen there are several ways to make the special route by bike or car. When you book an accommodation or hotel in Hindeloopen you can do one piece of this trip each day. You can also spend the night in one of the other Eleven Cities of course! You just hop from city to city. You probably already guessed it. In this city based at the IJsselmeer, there is plenty to do on the water. It is also a hotspot for sailors, surfers and kite surfers! With the strong connection to the waters of Friesland in mind, it is not surprising that they are here with skûtsjesilen too. The IFKS even start in Hindeloopen and you can be there to experience it.

Accommodations in Hindeloopen

In Hindeloopen are plenty of places to stay, from small bed & breakfasts to larger hotels. Hotel the City Farm (Farm City) is located in a pleasant street in the centre of Hindeloopen. The Two Doggies (De Twee Hondjes) is a small guest house with just five rooms, providing a picturesque atmosphere when you spend the night here. A little more luxury can be found in the Apartment Hotel De Gelukskever (The Happy Beetle). This converted farmhouse offers apartments with a kitchen that you can rent. There are also family rooms with a connecting playground where you can barbecue with the whole family. Lots of choice!

Events in Hindeloopen

Not many events are organized in Hindeloopen, but this does not mean that you will get bored. Plenty to see and do. In August the IFKS Skûtsjesilen starts in Hindeloopen. The opening takes place at the Foeke and plenty of fun is guaranteed! Or are you crazy about fish? Then Hindeloopen is the place to be! At Hielper Fisk Dei everything is about fish. Fishing competitions are held and there is a so called “fish wives choir” and old fishing boats dock. Of course you can eat a delicious variety of fish as well.

Culinary in Hindeloopen

After a sporty or active day in Hindeloopen you can certainly use some relaxation. Its nice to relax in one of the many restaurants, café’s and bars. For every situation you can enjoy a nice meal. A quick lunch or snack is also possible of course!

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