Learn everything about skating in Friesland

From Thialf to Eleven Cities Tour

Learn everything about skating in Friesland

The ultimate ice skating country in the world is obviously The Netherlands! However, in The Netherlands there is one real skate province and that is Friesland. The tough Eleven Cities Tour (Elfstedentocht) was held here for many years, but also the Thialf stadium is known throughout The Netherlands because of the many events that are organized. Of course, Friesland is a great place to go skating yourself too. Discover all there is to know about skating in Friesland!

Have you ever been to the Thialf stadium to encourage the Frisiand and national hero Sven Kramer? That means you have enjoy the fantastic atmosphere in the skating stadium! You’ve probably also heard some stories about the Eleven Cities Tour. Friesland is the skating province of The Netherlands and offers many opportunities to watch beautiful skating events. Always wanted to skate on the track where, for example, Sven Kramer has set many track records? That is also possible.

The Eleven Cities Tour

Friesland is known for the The Eleven Cities Tour of course. The most recent trip was in 1997 and since then, there have been some moments where it got close. The whole country was in an uproar in 2012 over a new Eleven Cities Tour. Unfortunately the tour didn’t go through, but Friesland was fully on the map again! Who knows, maybe one day there will be another Eleven Cities Tour..

Skating in Thialf

Who doesn’t know the Thialf Stadium? The most famous skating hall in The Netherlands! The Thialf has several facilities, because in addition to the 400-meter track, there are three ice rinks. During the recreational hours you can skate here. But it is also possible to follow ice skating lessons. Have a look at the events in Thialf.

Skating in Frisian nature

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful nature while skating? Come to Friesland! In Friesland you can skate beautifully when the temperatures have dropped well below zero, because nature is very beautiful. There is a lot to be experienced in Friesland, even during the winter time. You can spend the night in one of the beautiful hotels or B&B’s. Various holiday parks are open in the winter season and you can spend the night in one of the bungalows or cottages. There is even een indoor pool at some of these parks! Many of these holiday parks are located on or near the water which makes it possible to go skating when below zero temperatures consist!

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