Are you coming to IJlst?

Discover this city with lots of water sports!

Are you coming to IJlst?

IJlst is located in southwest of Friesland and the place is known as a stopover for water sporters. For this purpose therefore, the town has excellent potential. Learn all about IJlst.

The city

IJlst is a small town in southwest of Friesland and has about 3200 inhabitants. It is also one of the eleven Frisian cities since 1268. The city was always very famous for its shipbuilding and trading position. The town takes its name from a river that used to flow across the IJlst, the old Ee.

Attractions in IJlst

In IJlst you can find beautiful buildings, such as the Wood Saw mill called Rat(Houtzaagmolen Rat) and the Terpens mill. You can also visit the brass knocker on the Eegracht, one of the oldest preserved buildings. The Old Town Hall is definitely worth to visit and is also used as a film set in the Kameleon! In IJlst you will find different types of churches which all have their own style.

Activities in IJlst

Are you planning to come to IJlst and you’re wondering what to do? In the city you can find a variety of water sport activities . In the smallest of the Eleven Frisian cities you can dock your boat perfectly in the harbor directly behind the centre of the city. Once you’ve docked your boat, you stroll along the historic buildings of IJlst. During the walk, you walk under the lime trees, which mainly serve as sunshades. IJlst is situated close to Sneek where it is nice to go shopping for a day. From IJlst you will get to Sneek in no time. In addition, the city is located in a wetland area and you can easily swim or do other water sport activities in any of the waters in the area, such as the Fluessen.

Accommodations in IJlst

In IJlst you can spend the night in one of the beautiful hotels and B & B’s. From these B & B’s, which are all rated excellent, you can easily undertake activities. There are also beautiful campsites and holiday parks near IJlst, even at the waterfront! It is great to spend your holidays near the waterfronts of IJlst and its surroundings. Don’t forget to spend a day in the city as well of course!

Events in IJlst

Annual events are being organized in IJlst, including f.e the city walk. Discover the beautiful buildings and walk amongst the beautiful linden trees.In 2015 the “2015Festival” takes place in IJlst. This festival has been organized since 2005 and is known for its friendly atmosphere. The whole event is organized by volunteers only, which makes it very special. From IJlst you easily end up in Sneek, where you can experience the Sneekweek. Wouldn’t you like to spend the night in the hustle of the Sneekweek? Spending the night in IJlst is a very good alternative to still fully enjoy this beautiful event.

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