Discover the IJsselmeer

After closing a part of the Zuiderzee the IJsselmeer was born. The largest freshwater lake in The Netherlands. Probably everyone knows the dam which borders the IJsselmeer, called the Afsluitdijk. The IJsselmeer has a surface of 1,100 km2 and the deepest point is 9.5 meters deep. Above all, the IJsselmeer is a fantastic nature and recreation area and you will find the most beautiful places from around Friesland at the IJsselmeer.

The IJsselmeer serves as a fresh water reservoir , but also the IJsselmeer fishing is an important feature. The main function for residents of The Netherlands is recreational of course. Many people go sailing, surfing and swimming in the IJsselmeer. In addition, there is much more to do on and around the IJsselmeer.

What is there to do at the IJsselmeer?

Do you already know the latest rage flyboarding ? You can be as free as a bird flying over the water on a board. At the IJsselmeer it is possible to do this activity. Watch the IJsselmeer from the water at high altitude! You can also rent a boat at one of the many boat rentals Friesland has to offer at the IJsselmeer. For many boats no license is required! An organized boat trip is no problem either. Additionally, skûtsjesilen is a fun Frisian activity which you can do on the IJsselmeer. There are many wonderful swimming spots at the lake, including the beach in Lemmer for instance. On this beautiful beach you can enjoy relaxing in the sun while the children play in the shallow and clean water. You also want to discover something of the history of Friesland? Then go to the Wouda pumping-station, an inlet sluice where fresh water can flow into the Frisian ‘boezem’ (drainage pool).

Accommodation around the IJsselmeer

You want to spend your holidays at the IJsselmeer? There are many possibilities to stay around the IJsselmeer! You can go to Cornwerd, Makkum, Workum, Hindeloopen, Stavoren or Lemmer where you can find campsites, holiday parks, hotels and B&B’s. These places to stay are all rated excellent. From the campgrounds are lots of opportunities for watersports and you often even find a boat rental on site. At some holiday parks you can even bring your own boat. They offer docking places for your boat. You have a lot of options to go on holiday around the IJsselmeer. Are you coming to this beautiful area in Friesland? Have a look at the accommodation offers.

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