Leeuwarden is the European Capital of Culture in 2018!

Why did the European Jury declare Leeuwarden to be the Capital of Culture in 2018? The Frisian community itself! All over Europe the Frisian community made an impression with the involvement of Frisians and their environment. There will be plenty to do in Leeuwarden in 2018, but why not come over already? Discover the range of restaurants, hotels and resorts for a wonderful stay in Friesland.

Leeuwarden 2018 is going to be a true spectacle. You can get acquainted with the hospitality of the Frisian community and enjoy the Frisian culture and nature. Also on culinary terrain Friesland is not inferior to the rest of The Netherlands. Of course the preparations to Capital of Culture in 2018 will start much earlier. We are already working with the entire Frisian community to participate in the plans for 2018! From young to old, rich to poor, from urban to rural people, everyone contributes to the culture of Leeuwarden 2018. We want to make steps for the entire province which will be far more noticeable after 2018. Thousands of children will participate also giving them better chances in the future. Of course we will not forget you, as a tourist. More fantastic events will be organized in the province of Friesland. Are you coming to Leeuwarden?

Projects for Leeuwarden 2018

Several projects have already started concerning the plans for the Cultural Capital in 2018. These projects focus on Nature & Culture, City & Land, Lab Leeuwarden, Royal Frisian Community & Diversity. The projects provide theater performances for instance, artworks that provide energy and digital innovation. Are you curious what these projects are about exactly? Read about the projects on 2018.nl. It’s even better to witness it with your own eyes during a visit to Friesland of course. If you want to visit these projects, come to Friesland for a couple of days. Learn about nature, culture and community of Friesland in and around Leeuwarden. Accommodation is possible in one of the beautiful hotels, B&B’s or at one of the pleasant campsites and holiday parks. Also during the events organized until 2018, there are ample opportunities to stay over. Discover the full range through the website and book your stay during the events in and around Leeuwarden.

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Are you coming to Friesland and Leeuwarden?

Are you curious what the province of Friesland and the city of Leeuwarden do to be The Cultural Capital of Europe 2018? Discover fantastic projects that are set up and the social events organized in the coming years.

  • Go to the Tall Ship Races in Harlingen
  • Exhibitions about major art movement as Dadaism and The Style (De Stijl) are held in 2016 and 2017 .
  • Discover the real Frisian culture during the annual recurring Sneekweek!

That Leeuwarden will be the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018 can not only be experienced in 2018, but also in the years to come there is lots to do in Friesland. Come and find out why Leeuwarden is the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018.

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