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Are you coming to Leeuwarden?

When you come to Friesland, Leeuwarden certainly should be on your list! The capital of the province of Friesland is a beautiful old town and is also chosen as European Capital of Culture for 2018! Are you coming to Leeuwarden? The city is much more than the start and finish of the Eleven Cities Tour (Elfstedentocht)!

The city

The city of Leeuwarden is the capital of Friesland and is located in the same municipality. The city is divided into 24 districts where about 110,000 people live. In 2015 Leeuwarden has been voted the Best City of The Netherlands and also Leeuwarden was recently voted as European Capital of Culture for 2018 . Things are going well with Leeuwarden!

Attractions in Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden has no less than 617 national monuments in the historic downtown and residential areas. A special attraction is the Oldehove, an unfinished leaning tower. The station in Leeuwarden is very beautiful to visit too. One of the most important neo-Gothic buildings of The Netherlands is the St. Boniface Church in Leeuwarden. But the modern architecture in Leeuwarden is very appealing as well. Of great importance was architect Abe Bonnema who designed the Avero Tower (1991), the Achmea Tower (2001) and the Postbank building (1974). Leeuwarden has some beautiful parks! Discover the Prinsentuin, the Rengerspark or the Abbingapark in the provincial capital.

Activities in Leeuwarden

In Leeuwarden you can experience many things! It is a beautiful city to spend several days enjoying the culture, sights and activities. The nightlife in Leeuwarden may continue up to 5 o’clock in the morning! There are a large number of bars to find, mainly located in the Doelensteeg, the Governor’s Square (Gouverneursplein), the New Town (Nieuwe Stad) and the Ruiterskwartier. Movie fans can also go to Leeuwarden at the Center for Film in Friesland. In addition, there are several cinemas in the city. Are a theater lover? The Harmonie is the City Theatre of Leeuwarden and you can see a lot of nice performances here every year. A large collection of statues made by former Leeuwarder Mata Hari can be found in the city, but also in the various museums you can discover everything about Friesland. For example, go to the Nature Museum Fryslân or to the Frisian Museum .

Nature lovers can also visit Leeuwarden. After a morning in the city you can go hiking in the area around Leeuwarden. Around Leeuwarden are several villages where waters sports is the main activity.

Accommodations in Leeuwarden

Do you want to come to Leeuwarden for several days? Good plan! You will find many nice hotels and B&B´s in the city. Do you want to spend your holiday in the surroundings of Leeuwarden? There as well you will find beautiful hotels and B&B´s and in addition you can also spend the night at a campsite or at one of the holiday parks. You can even camp at the waterfronts around Leeuwarden! Do you want to spend some nights in Leeuwarden? There are several hotels where you will always find a hotel that fits your budget. The hotels in Leeuwarden are rated higher than an 8 on average! Will you stay in or around Leeuwarden?

Events in Leeuwarden

Throughout the year, various events are organized in Leeuwarden which are also nice for people that come from outside of Leeuwarden and Friesland!

  • Discover the biggest flower market in The Netherlands on Ascension Day in Leeuwarden
  • Do you like heavy metal? Come to Into the Grave, a yearly festival
  • Go to the Dance Tour in Leeuwarden
  • Come and see beautiful photography during Noorderlicht
  • The biggest cattle market in The Netherlands is organized annually in Leeuwarden.

During these events, you can stay at one of the hotels or B&B’s in Leeuwarden. That way you can fully enjoy the events!

Culinary in Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden is ahead of other when it comes to good restaurants! Every year the Ljouwert Culinary is organized. Sitting under the Oldehove in the centre of town you can have a wonderful dinner. As many as 23 restaurants in Leeuwarden and surroundings present themselves at the start of the new culinary season. There is a lot of ambiance, which makes the evenings very nice. Leeuwarden has good restaurants which can serve you all kinds of good food. Fish, vegetarian or meat? You will find it all in one of the restaurants in Leeuwarden!

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