Are you coming to Lemmer?

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Are you coming to Lemmer?

Lemmer is located in the municipality The Frisian Lakes at the waterfront. Both overland and overwater Lemmer is the gate of the province to Friesland, for Lemmer is located at the IJsselmeer. Discover all about Lemmer!

The place

Lemmer has over 10,000 inhabitants and is a busy beach resort in the summer. The place is located right at the IJsselmeer and therefore attract tourists from many parts of The Netherlands. Lemmer is one of the most important fishing ports of The Netherlands. Created many athletes, like Rintje Ritsma, Annemarie Thomans (ice skating) en Epke Zonderland (gymnastics).

Attractions in Lemmer

In Lemmer are many points of interest that are worth the effort for everyone to see. Visit the Wouda pumping station for instance. This is the largest steam-pumping station ever built in the world and it is still in operation. In addition, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Lemster sluice and the Rien sluice are beautiful to look at and give a good impression of the water in and around Lemmer. Lemmer also has a lighthouse and several other monumental buildings.

Activities in Lemmer

Lemmer is full of tourism, caused by water sports and the beautiful beaches of course. In the summer many tourists from many parts of The Netherlands come to Lemmer to spend their holidays or just a few days getaway. Lemmer is very nice for shopping and there are many shops in the centre. It is possible to travel through Lemmer by boat too. Do you want to spend lots of time on the water when you’re in Lemmer? Bring your own boat and spend the night at a campsite on the water! There are also many possibilities to rent a boat or canoe and spend one or more days in the area of Lemmer. In the summer there is also always a large funfair which is great fun for young and old. Another important event on the water is the IFKS Skûtsjesilen which also passes through . Enjoy this great event with exciting boat races. Do you want to unwind completely in Lemmer? Enjoy the beautiful beach and the lovely, clean swimming water. The beach club on the beach is very nice and a wonderful place can get pampered.

Accommodations in Lemmer

Are you coming to Lemmer? This place has many hotels, some of which are very close to the beach. They are the perfect location to spend just one or several days . Do you want to spend your holidays near Lemmer? In and around Lemmer are many places where you can find all sorts of water sports. From the holiday parks and campsites, you can easily get to the beach of Lemmer where you can enjoy water sports. Find out where to spend the night now!

Events in Lemmer

Lemmer is to do things all year round, but especially in the summer you can enjoy yourself in Lemmer! You can watch the always fascinating IFKS Skûtsjesilen sailing races and besides that you will find a funfair which is fun for young and old! Also discover the Week of Lemmer. There are some 90,000 visitors each year to enjoy the coziness that Lemmer has to offer. During this week of Lemmer the skûtjes visit the town and many activities are organized. Every year there is a festival on the beach Glemmerbeach, a great beach party!

Culinary in Lemmer

You can enjoy delicious food and drinks in the cozy restaurants of Lemmer. Enjoy the Frisian snacks and drinks in a restaurant at the water. Throughout the day, the restaurants give a really fantastic view on the bay and at dinner you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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