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Coming to see Schiermonnikoog?

Schiermonnikoog is one of the smaller islands that Friesland has to offer. However, there is plenty to do, both on culture, culinary and sports activities! On your own, or with the family, you will have a great time!

The Island

Schiermonnikoog is a small island covering an area of nearly 200 square kilometers. With around 940 inhabitants, it is the smallest municipality in The Netherlands so far, at least in population. Just like Vlieland you are not allowed to drive a car on the island if you do not have a permit. The total length of Schiermonnikoog is 18 kilometers. Therefore it is one of the smaller islands. Moreover, it is wonderfully peaceful. With 30 kilometers of bike paths, the island is also worth exploring by bike or mountain bike. Hiking can be done both on the beach as on the landscaped trails on the island.

Points of interest on Schiermonnikoog

Despite its size, there are enough attractions. We have stated some highlights below that are definitely worthwhile visiting.

  • The lower jaw of a blue whale which was shot in 1950
  • The statue Schiere Monk which reminds us of the time of the Monks in Friesland
  • The Wasserman Bunker, now used as an observation post
  • The bench of Banck on the favorite spot of Mr. John E. Banck
  • The harbor on the south side of the island

What you obviously can not miss during a visit to Schiermonnikoog is the lighthouse. Actually, there are two lighthouses on the island, a white one and a red one. The red version is still in use and is manned 24/7. These towers were built in 1853 and operate as beacons for ship traffic. When the two lights overlap, the skippers know that they are between the banks of the North Sea to the Wadden Sea.

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