Discover the watersports town of Sneek

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Are you coming to Sneek?

Are you planning to come to Friesland, but not sure where to go yet? Sneek is definitely worth the effort. The combination of city and water is very nice in Sneek. With the historic centre, the water gate, the Sneek week and the Sneekermeer around the corner you don´t have to get bored. It was for a reason that Sneek became the capital of the province of Friesland in the 15th century. You don´t want to miss this.

The city

Sneek is in size to the third place in the province and is located in the Southwest of Friesland. The city has about 33,000 inhabitants. With its central location in the lake area of Friesland it is clear that Sneek is a real water city. It bears a central role in the southwest region and even used to be the Capital of Friesland during the 15th century. Much is organized in the city in terms of sports, but also for culture, coziness and nice eateries you’re in the right place in Sneek.

Attractions in Sneek

The city of Sneek is versatile! There is plenty to do and see. The nice culture, the monumental buildings and the canals make the city a source of attractions. The oldest area surrounds the mound The Great or Martini Church. The first constructions took place in the 10th century. The most famous building in Sneek, is the Watergate , which was built in 1613. The Watergate is known as the symbol of the wealth of the city. In addition, the Frisian Maritime Museum is also a must see! You can visit this versatile museum about the history of Frisian shipping every day. Everyone that visits Friesland should taste its Berenburg. In the distillery of the widow Joustra in Sneek this product is still being brewed today. Of course you can also taste it there. It turns out that it tastes even better when you’ve been to Sneek!

Activities in Sneek

There are many activities that can be done in your day or weekend tour to Sneek. Whether you come alone, as a couple or with the whole family it doens´t matter! You can explore the city in different ways. Take the city tour, jump on your bike, take one of the canal tour or go by foot, its all possible. Various events are organized throughout the year for all ages. For example, the Week of Sneek (Sneekweek) is a festival you should not miss. While, during the day the sailboats compete for the coveted title, there is time for relaxation with live music in the evenings in the centre of town! Apart from this they organize the “springkussenelfstedentocht” (Bouncy Castle Eleven Cities Tour), Swinging Sneek and tourism fairs. Also the shop lover can succeed in Sneek, for it has a nice centre with many well-known fashion chains. Want to spend some time on the terrace? There are plenty of cafes to be found in the city. It’s always busy here.

Accommodations in Sneek

Spending a few days in Sneek? No problem! Sneek offers plenty of opportunities to spend the night. There are both hotels, guesthouses, group accommodation and a youth hostel. Or stay at one of the campsites or sailing schools! Staying just outside of Sneek is an option too, there are plenty of campsites and holiday parks in the vicinity of the Sneekermeer. You can get to the inner city in no time. There is always a place to stay for everyone! Decide for yourself what suits you and book an accommodation. Will we see you soon in Sneek?

Events in Sneek

You can visit Sneek throughout the whole year and enjoy the nice events that are being organized. Also for people that come from outside of Sneek or Friesland its big fun to experience!

  • Do you like music and sailing? Come to the Week of Sneek
  • Take your children to the Bouncy Castle Eleven Cities Tour
  • Enjoy the Eleven Lakes bike tour
  • Run the 4 miles race of Sneek

Culinary Sneek

Among the many cafes and restaurants in and around Sneek you can enjoy both local and national products . Look for a real Frisian culinary experience? The Culinary Eleven Cities Tour 11 cooks prepare the most beautiful and challenging dishes in Sneek.Of course they use many of the local delicacies. You can even win a prize if you wear a surprising dress-up outfit during the Eleven Cities Tour, big fun!

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