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Friesland is a diverse province with plenty of opportunities for young and old! On the water, in the woods, on the mudflats, in the villages or in the countryside, there is always plenty to do. Hiking, biking, boating and sports, everything is possible!

Frisian sports

When you visit Friesland you will hear terms like Skûtsjesilen, Fierljeppen and rebounding. Those are very popular sports in the province and also typical for Friesland. In summer old freighters battle for the title during the IKS and SKS on the Frisian waters. This sport is known as Skûtsjesilen and is always a big event in the summer months. The pole is also used in competition form, namely during Fierljeppen. The aim is to use a pole and jump as far as possible over a ditch. In the villages Burgum, Buitenpost, It Heidenskip, IJlst, Joure and Winsum you can watch the sports matches. This is definitely recommended doing! Rebounding is a typical folk sport, which in the 16th century was introduced by dike workers in Friesland. Rebounding (Kaatsen) is a ball game in which two teams of three players each compete against each other by means of throwing the ball to each other. Culture and action mix in these nice Frisian sports. Be there!

Boating in Friesland

Say Friesland, say water! So it is not strange that Friesland is called the province of the skûtsjesilen, fierljeppen and ice skating. Want to get to know the real Friesland? Then you should definitely visit the water! Follow a nice route in your own pace that you mapped yourself or a route that we mapped for you. You can choose to go out on the water for several days, a day or even a few hours. At the boat rental companies everything is possible! The largest lakes are located in the south of Friesland, including the Sneekermeer and IJsselmeer . However, there are many possibilities in the rest of Friesland where you can choose to go to, either by boat or canoe. You don’t have one yet? No problem, there are plenty of rentals where you can go.

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Hiking in Friesland

Friesland is known for its versatile landscapes . Besides the many waters that characterize the province, there are beautiful forests, open fields and charming villages. On our map you can find all the trails, from the shorter to the longer tours. These trails lead you through the woods, along the water or through charming villages. All routes where you really get to know Friesland. Have you always wanted to explore the nature area of Alde Feanen for instance with the various birds and large number of plants and trees? Or do you prefer the cozy town of Sneek? With over 50 trails through Friesland you can really choose a route that suits you.

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Biking in Friesland

You want to get into action yourself while exploring Friesland? With all the versatile biking routes in the province you can! You have plenty of choice in distance, location and surroundings.This way you can decide where and for how long you ride! With all the accommodation options available. you can choose something else every day and discover more about the versatility of Friesland. The province has lots to offer, for both young and old. The biking routes on the map lead you along the most beautiful spots in Friesland!

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Culture in Friesland

With their own language, national anthem, coat of arms and flag Friesland is very unique. The Frisian language is spoken in the province for more than 1500 years. This officially recognized second national language of The Netherlands is spoken by 74% of the Frisian people. The national anthem may not be missing. Proudly this song is sung at ceremonies and special occasions. And who does not know the pompeblêd , a type of heart on the flag of Friesland? The seven pompeblêds on the flag feature the leaf of a water lily and stand for the free Seven Sea Countries in the Middle Ages. These were autonomous regions along the coast from Alkmaar to the Weser in Germany.

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Culinary Friesland

In the uniqueness of Friesland fits a unique cuisine , and there is! With the local products from the province you can put a surprisingly nice dish on the table every time again. Did you ever taste Reade Krobbe, Wichters of Frisian Woudgeeltjes f.i.? These are peculiar, but very tasteful products straight from the province! Besides the Frisian food the province also has very typical drinks. The Frisian Berenburg, a privately brewed herbal liquor, is known worldwide and even available in Greece! You can try this Berenburg yourself in the cozy local bars, liquor stores and restaurants. A real tasting can be arranged too! The brewers will tell you how this drink is brewed and what it is easy to pair with. With the list of all the culinary locations in hand you can choose a place where you would like to taste all the goodies Friesland has to offer yourself!

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Events in Friesland

When you book your trip to Friesland you surely don’t want to miss anything that the province has to offer. Our calendar shows you exactly when and where you need to be to experience it all. Are you in the province in summer time for example? You certainly have to visit Sneek then, because during the Sneekweek it’s extra cozy over there! During the day, races are organized on the water, but at night there is time for a snack and drink in the city with live music! This is all Frisian hospitality. Rather come to action yourself? The Eleven Cities Tour on bike starts every year in February. The total length of this bike tour is 200 kilometers. The bike tour takes you along the Eleven Frisian Cities and other highlights of the province!

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