Are you coming to Stavoren?

The city at the IJsselmeer!

Are you coming to Stavoren?

Stavoren is the city at the IJsselmeer. It is enclosed by the IJsselmeer at three sides! Apart from that it is also one of the Eleven Frisian Cities. Discover all about Stavoren.

The city

Staveren was formerly the official name of what is now Stavoren. The city is located in the southwest of Friesland and was the first Dutch community that gained city rights. The city has a direct connection to the Frisian Lakes and once was a separate municipality, but this is no longer the case. The City Hall of Stavoren got another destination, and it is still possible to get married here.

Attractions in Stavoren

A very well-known attraction in Stavoren is The Lady of Stavoren. There are many stories around this statue, but the most believable one is that she was a wealthy merchant’s widow who owned a lot of property. Nevertheless, she was not satisfied and eventually she ended her greed in poverty. Another attraction is the former City Hall of Stavoren. A beautiful old building. What is hugely impressive, is the J. L. Hoogland pumping station. This electric pumping station was built in 1966 and guides water from the Frisian basins into the IJsselmeer. In the city are many other wonderful attractions, all worth to be seen. During a walk or bike ride through the area you can check this out.

Activities in Stavoren

Stavoren is located right at the IJsselmeer and is therefore a very good place for water sports! Nearby are many boat rental companies, but you can also bring your own boat of course. Every year the SKS Skûtsjesilen comes along Stavoren and as many as 10.000 people are standing on the dike to encourage the participants of the boat races. It’s great shopping in Stavoren and you can find many water sports shops here of course. But also the nightlife is well developed in Stavoren. Discover Bar Dancing Down Under or the cozy Café Max.

Accommodations in Stavoren

You can stay for one or more nights in Stavoren, but a holiday in the vicinity of the city is also an excellent idea. Discover the various campings, such as Camping Súdermeer or Camping de Weyde Blick. There are also several apartments, B & B’s and hotels where you can stay comfortably. All accommodations are rated excellent. You can stay for the night and have a beautiful view overlooking the IJsselmeer. Who wouldn’t want to wake up like that?

Events in Stavoren

Every year the SKS Skûtsjesilen visits Stavoren and as many as 10.000 people on the quays encourage the participants. A great event to experience! Also the IFKS Skûtsjesilen comes along Stavoren. A great opportunity to spend a long weekend in Stavoren! Are you coming to Stavoren?

Culinary Stavoren

Stavoren has one of the most famous fish stores in The Netherlands. Fish shop Doede Bleeker is enormously well known here and you can enjoy nice fresh fish here. But there is more to be found in Stavoren than just fish. There are several restaurants in town where it is nice to enjoy a meal . You can also find a pizzeria in the city centre. There are many restaurants to be found along the water side. Who would not want that? Enjoy a delicious dinner while watching the beautiful sunset?

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