Are you staying overnight?

Enjoy the beauty of Friesland for several days!

Will you stay overnight in Friesland?

With more than 500 accommodation options, you can always find a place to spend the night somewhere. This way you can spend a number of consecutive days to discover the province. A day of boating and hiking the next day, everything is possible. In the county you will find many nice hotels, B & B’s, holiday parks and campsites. Whether you come with the whole family, on your own or as a couple, you just choose what suits you!

Accommodations in Friesland

If you want to be sure to have a nice place for your accommodation you really have to be in Friesland.
You can stay here at the waterfront, in the woods, in the countryside, in town and on one of the Wadden Islands! It’s nice to unwind, but you can also choose to go hiking, cycling, fishing or sailing. Do you like to spend the night in a luxurious suite or rather in a cozy tent on a campsite? Wherever you are in Friesland, there is always something that fits your needs. No matter what season you come to spend the night, there’s always something going on. In the summer, you can rent a boat and head out, for example to the Sneek Week or the Skûtsjesilen. In the winter there is a nice chance for beautiful ice skating trips and also The Eleven Cities Tour on Bike is in February.


There are plenty of hotels in Friesland. Each town or city offers opportunities to spend the night ! The hotels have large rooms, a private shower and toilet. Usually there is a restaurant right in your hotel where you can have a delicious breakfast in the morning, but you can also expect a nice tasty meal in the evening.

Bed & Breakfast

Prefer something smaller? The bed & breakfasts often take you to one of the farms in the area where you can be part of the farm live. In the cities are nice and cozy Bed & Breakfasts to be found where you can spend the night and have a farm-fresh breakfast in the morning. Nearby is always plenty to do both day and night.


Do you like to camp out in nature? The campsites are spacious and offer enough excitement for children too! You can choose the location of the campsites yourself of course. At the waterfront, in the woods or on the Wadden Islands, everything is possible! Nice outings, water sport events and other activities are being organized by the campsites. The animation team at the camp usually organizes something for your kids as well, whether they are still young or already a bit older.

Bungalow Park

Many of the bungalow parks are situated at the waterfront. Docking your boat is never a problem. Besides, you have your own home, often even your private garden . Now you can enjoy the tranquility that Friesland has to offer.


Often times you can apartments cook for yourself in your apartment while most of the time there is a separate bedroom. This gives you just that extra space you need! There are apartments with a garden, but sometimes also with a balcony. It depends on where you are! For you alone, as a couple or the whole family, an apartment in Friesland is a perfect solution for your overnight stay. You are now well equipped to participate in all activities in the area.

Group accommodation

Even with groups there are plenty of suitable solutions. Either all lodge in one room together, or rather separately. All the possibilities are offered. The group accommodations are spread over Friesland and differ in size, location and cost. You can decide as a group what’s the best for you! Do you like to rent a boat all together and spend your day on the Frisian waters, then an accommodation is very appropriate. Do you have a walk through the woods or a city trip on the agenda? Then choose your accommodation in a wooded area or near the city. Plenty of choice!

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Why come to Friesland?

  • A beautiful province!
  • Water sports, hiking, biking and more
  • Great accommodations during your stay

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