Coming to see Terschelling?

Discover this beautiful Wadden island

Will you come and see Terschelling?

The third island of the islands! This island is completely adjusted to tourists. Every year there are great events, like Oerol! Are you coming to Terschelling?

The Island

Terschelling is, after Texel the second largest island of the five Wadden Sea Islands. It is situated between Vlieland and Ameland with the North Sea and the Wadden Sea both on a side. The length of the beaches is about 30 kilometers and there is more than 70 kilometers of bike paths. A major source of income is tourism of course. Yearly over three times as many people visit the island in the summer than in the winter.

Points of interest on Terschelling

The harbour of West-Terschelling is an absolute must-see. It was constructed in “the Dellewal bay”, the only natural bay in The Netherlands. This bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Europe! But also the lighthouse is worth a visit. The Brandaris protrudes above everything and has already been the symbol of the island for more than 400 years. There are also several beautiful buildings which are all registered as a monument. You find the statue of Willem Barentsz on Terschelling for instance, the explorer who was born on Terschelling. Also, there are six monumental sculptures on Terschelling that are all made of granite.

Activities on Terschelling

What you can obviously do very well on Terschelling is cycling. There is no less than 70 kilometers of bike trails that take you through beautiful parts of Terschelling. You can walk along the sea, through vast meadows and beautiful forested areas. It is also possible to drive a car or wagon on the beach. You can go for a wonderful ride with a 4×4 on the beach of Terschelling! But the beach is also very suitable for blow karting or kiting. Rather do something on the water? Go sea fishing or go for a sail or canoe trip in the sea around Terschelling. Of course there is always the possibility to go hiking on the island. Terschelling has over 200 kilometers of unpaved trails. Hike or bike through the unique nature which is beautiful in every season! Also discover the Wrecksmuseum in Formerum!

Overnight stay on Terschelling

Do you want to spend your holidays on Terschelling or just spend a few days on the island? That way you can really experience the island! On Terschelling you can find several campsites and holiday parks, including several campgrounds aimed specifically at young people. The campsites are all among the woods and dunes and you are never far from the beach and the sea. On Terschelling are several campsites and holiday parks, including several campgrounds aimed specifically at young people. The campsites are all situated in woods and dunes and of course you’re always near the beach and the sea. In addition, you always have the option to rent a cottage, chalet or mobile home Rather stay in a hotel? No problem! There are wonderful hotels and B & B’s that can be found on the island, all with an excellent rating.

Events on Terschelling

The most famous event is obviously Oerol on Terschelling. This cultural festival already exists since 1982! Every year in June, many people come to the Wadden Island Terschelling to enjoy the theater at Oerol. For ten days, there’s theater, dance, visual art and music and the performances are specially made for the special locations. Oeral is a festival that you should definitely attend! Another event is the Horizon Tour, that can also be found on some of the other Wadden Islands.

Culinary Terschelling

On Terschelling you will find many nice and great eateries. In addition, you can some excellent restaurants on the island. Coffee, lunch or dinner at the beach? Four pavilions are opened from April to November where you can enjoy the beautiful beach. Discover the typical local products that Terschelling has to offer.

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