Come and feel the fresh air on Vlieland

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Are you coming to Vlieland?

Although Vlieland is only a small island, is has plenty to offer! You will get there within half an hour from Harlingen, but you really feel this is a nice escape! You can hang out on the beach, walk or cycle along the dune paths and enjoy the delicious food in one of the many restaurants on the island. Come and enjoy!

The Island

Vlieland is a small island (20 km. long and 2 km. wide) and is most westerly of Frisian Wadden Islands. To the left is Texel. By boat you can dock from Harlingen within one and a half hours. On Vlieland you will find a unique natural landscape. It is a vast dune landscape on which you can encounter various coniferous and deciduous trees. Also a large number of birds can be spotted here! It’s prohibited to drive your car without a license on the island. Due to this it is nice and peacefully quiet on the island. Nevertheless there is enough action in this lively fishing village.

Points of interest on Vlieland

The biggest attraction surely is the lighthouse! At the lighthouse you have a magnificent view over the island, the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. You can also take a look at the oldest house on Vlieland. This is the building in which the museum Tromp’s Huys is located. In 1575 this house was built and it is worth your visit. Walking on main street you will pass through two high walls. Both the walls, called the coupure, and the valve in the street service as a flood protection. The former Posthuys nowadays is a hotel and restaurant. Nice to linger as a hiker or cyclist. You can just have a cup of coffee or even spend the night. In short, plenty to see!

Activities on Vlieland

You can certainly spend an active holiday on Vlieland. Along the coast there is a cycle path which is 26 kilometers long. This route brings you through the woods and dunes. It is nice to enjoy the peace and quietness on the island because cars are not allowed on the island. Would you rather go on foot? No problem, there is a beautiful shell path which takes you through the woods and dunes. Of course it is also possible to go to the beach. Another recommendation is mudflat walking. You sink in seaweed, salt and wet sand. During your trip you will observe a variety of animals living in the flats. A true voyage of discovery. Touring with a giant truck is also big fun. You drive along an 8 kilometer long military training terrain.

Spending the night on Vlieland

A weekend, midweek or vacation on this car-free island? There are plenty of accommodation options. You can choose to stay on a campsite, but there are also plenty of hotels, bed & breakfasts and camping farms. Here you can either stay alone, as a couple or with your family. For school trips Vlieland also offers plenty of places to stay. Actually it is just what you are looking for! From your overnight stay on Vlieland you just hike or bike into the woods or dunes. A great experience and a must for nature lovers. Not to mention there are the beaches with a total length of 20 kilometers. This is also around the corner!

Events on Vlieland

Actually, there are plenty of events throughout the year for which you can come to Vlieland. Lighthouse tours are regularly organized. Or feel comfortably in balance attending a Yoga Weekend, while performing various exercises on the beach. One of the major events on the island surely is the Horizon Tour. In a ten days summer event culture, music and theater come together on the island! Performances by more than 100 artists and street performances bring a socially friendly ambiance to Vlieland for young and old.

Culinary Vlieland

Eating out on Vlieland? Of course you can! At the beach you will find the beach pavilion ‘t Badhuys where you can have a lunch, but also can enjoy a scrumptious dinner. Furthermore, on the other side of the island in the fishing village there are plenty of other nice restaurants and café’s. Whether you like breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is the place! Some of them have a beautiful view over the sea, which makes it extra special.

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