Discover the beautiful Wadden Islands!

Experience Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

Discover the beautiful Wadden from Friesland

The Wadden Islands, which you can visit from Friesland, are a spectacle in itself. The beautiful islands and its specific nature are suitable to visit throughout the year. There is much to do for people of all ages. You will feel like newborn when you're on one of the islands. Explore the islands and enjoy!

The Wadden Islands are all wonderful! Three of the five islands are accessible through Friesland, namely Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland. Schiermonnikoog is accessible through the Groningen Lauwersoog and you can reach Texel departing from Den Helder in the province of the North Holland. Each island is unique and offers something completely different. In addition, the potential for overnight stays are excellent throughout the year. There are beautiful campsites and holiday parks, but you can also stay in a hotel or bed & breakfast. Groups are also welcome, because on the islands you will find huge camping farms and other group accommodations.

De Wadden Islands: Texel

The landscape on the island is extremely rich and diverse. There are polders, beaches, dunes, grasslands, as well as wooded areas. The culture on the island is also very rich in history. There are many traditions and customs that can only be found on the island Texel. In addition, the island is beautiful to go hiking and biking . On the island are many possibilities to stay overnight, whether for a night or for a longer holiday. You can find many campsites, holiday parks, hotels and , B&B’. Discover the offers and enjoy the beautiful Texel!

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The Wadden Islands: Vlieland

Vlieland is the second island and belongs to Friesland. From Harlingen you can take the boat to this island which is mainly known for its beautiful nature. Interesting attractions on Vlieland are the war monuments and the lighthouse of Vlieland. On the island you will find a number of campsites and holiday parks. It’s also possible to stay in one of the hotels or B&B’s on the beautiful island Vlieland. Discover the offers and enjoy the beautiful Vlieland!

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The Wadden Islands: Terschelling

Terschelling is located in the middle right between Vlieland and Ameland. Here, too, tourism is an important source of income and the island is perfectly equipped for this. The Oerol Festival takes place every year on Terschelling and attracts many visitors from around the country. In the various villages of the island you will find many excellent hotels and B&B’s, but there is also the possibility to rent an apartment of course. In addition, there are many campsites and holiday parks on this Wadden Island. Discover the offers on Terschelling!

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The Wadden Islands: Ameland

Ameland is the fourth island and can be reached from Holwerd, Friesland. Ameland consists mainly of sand dunes and in the east is a nature reserve, the Oerd. Only your own vehicle is allowed on Ameland. Also on this island you can camp, but staying in a cottage on a holiday park is also possible. In the villages you will find several excellent hotels and restaurants. Enjoy the beautiful and cozy Ameland and discover the overnight stay offers!

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De Wadden Islands: Schiermonnikoog

The smallest of the five islands! The island is accessible from the Groningen Lauwersoog , but visitors must leave their cars on the mainland. Vehicles are not allowed on Schiermonnikoog. Partly because of this, the island is greatly prized for its tranquility. On the island are many attractions and the amount of overnight stay possibilities is big. There are several hotels near the beach! Discover the tranquility of Schiermonnikoog and view the offers!

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