Are you coming to Wolvega?

Discover this place in Weststellingwerf

Are you coming to Wolvega?

Discover this place in the municipality Weststellingwerf! Located in the beautiful, natural surroundings along the river the Linde this place also offers lots of activities.

The town

Wolvega is the capital of the municipality Weststellingwerf. With more than 12,500 inhabitants, it is the largest town in the municipality. Wolvega is located in a rural setting and close to the city are also many farms.

Attractions in Wolvega

In and around Wolvega are some wonderful attractions. Go to Huize Lindenoord for example where among others the famous Grietman Willem van Haren lived. A well-known stins in Wolvega was Lycklama State, but this has been demolished since. The name is still used in many other buildings in Wolvega. You can still see a very famous mill in Wolvega. Corn mill Windlust is as much as 27 meters high and is still in use. Near Wolvega you find the Drieweg lock. A beautiful place to admire the Rottige Meenthe. In this area you will find a beautiful scenery to which the river the Linde is the highlight. This meandering river is great to see when you make a bike ride or hiking tour.

Activities in Wolvega

You want to do something in or around Wolvega? There is plenty to do. In the vicinity it’s nice to go boating, but it is also very nice to go canoeing in this area. In Wolvega are lots of sports facilities too. There are many sports clubs in town and you can find many places to do outdoor sports activities. You can for instance go bowling in Wolvega. Did you know that Wolvega has one of the most famous trotting tracks in The Netherlands? At the Victoria Park often horse races are held which can be very exciting. In addition you can watch a night race and combine it with having a nice dinner. You find yourself close to Heerenveen now too where you can have a look at the at the Abe Lenstra Stadion. Heerenveen is also good for shopping! Wolvega is also fun to go with groups, for instance to do an activity like paintball.

Accommodations in Wolvega

Do you want to spend the night in Wolvega? From Wolvega it’s easy to go to the Thialf stadium for instance in Heerenveen! An excellent location to spend the night while skating events are being held. The skaters who participate in races Thialf often stay in Wolvega as well. You can find a Van der Valk hotel near the highway. From here you can easily make your way to any place nearby. Near Wolvega are several B & B’s and from your accommodation you can easily explore the beautiful surroundings by bicycle. In the area of Wolvega you’ll find some mini campsites where you can easily stay several nights.

Events in Wolvega

Throughout the year there is lots to do in and around Wolvega for people of all ages. Joure is near the place and here you can admire the Frisian Balloon Festival. Are you a lover of horses and horse racing? The most exciting horse races are held at the Victoria Park and there are annual races that are very interesting to watch to . For example, consider the Frisian Ascot Day or the Price of the Giants. The Linde festival is held in Wolvega every year. This event attracts thousands of people to Wolvega. A long weekend packed with street fairs and parties! The Saturday of the festival is marked by great performances.

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