Are you coming along in Woudsend?

Rich in water, culture and sociability!

Are you coming along in Woudsend?

With its unique location between two lakes,Woudsend is really a sports village! The name of the village also comes from the word "Driuwpôlle" which stands for “floating island”. The village is located in the southwest of Friesland and is the Eleven Cities Route. It is a protected village in Friesland and definitely worth a visit!

The village

Since 1337 The village is first appointed as Woudsend. At that time, the convent of the Carmelite Fathers was founded. It is an active water sports village, which is logical of course with all the water that lies around the village. Until the mid-19th century Woudsend was even hard to reach over land. Only after 1850’s when the Dyk was built, the connection to the country was secured. Previously, the village was important for shipbuilding and trade. Now, with its location between the Heeger- and Slotermeer it has a real sportive character .In the meanwhile, this has become an important source of income. Despite the modernization of the village, there is still plenty of ancient history left to see.

Attractions in Woudsend

Despite the size of the village, there is plenty to do and see here! There are two mills in the village, the Jager and It Lam , which both bring a nice atmosphere to the village. Additionally, there are four churches built in the village, two of which are still in use. The other two now serve as a residence and restaurant. Always wanted to have lunch or dinner in a church? Restaurant ‘t Ponkje is located in the former Baptist Church. In the village are even three bell cages. Of the 140 historical bell cages in our country, only 70 remained preserved. 56 of them are in Friesland! These bell cages were built as a result of the poverty. When villages could not afford the costs of the church anymore, the use of a belfry still gave a dignified farewell at the cemetery . Be sure to have a look at them when you’re in Woudsend.

Activities in Woudsend

Woudsend has a lot to offer! The cozy shops in the centre and several restaurants provide lots of fun! It position is very centralized , making it a perfect base for outings in the area! Sailing, canoeing hiking, biking or cruising in the car, Woudsend has something to offer for everyone! Peace, space, action and relaxation!

Accommodation in Woudsend

Rather spend a number of days in Woudsend? Woudsend offers plenty of opportunities. It is nice to get out there and discover Woudsend and its environment at your own pace. Directly situated at the Heegermeer you can find campsite the Rakken. This campsite is a perfect setting to enjoy sailing, fishing or just unwind. Rather stay in a hotel? Woudsend hotel has nice large rooms to relax. There are many hotels, campsites and holiday parks nearby as well. In our overview you can decide what is best for you!

Events in Woudsend

There are plenty of events organized Woudsend, for young and old! For people from outside of Friesland this is certainly the time to visit Woudsend!

  • The Frisian Tug Days attract much public since 1986
  • During the SKS Skûtsjesilen on the Heegermeer, the village is the place to party
  • Music lover? During the Shanty Festival renowned choirs come together to perform

During these events, there are plenty of overnight accommodations So you do not miss anything and you can enjoy plenty!

Culinary Woudsend

Woudsend is a good place for dining out! With all that water that surrounds Woudsend you certainly should try to eat some fish of course. There are more than enough restaurants offering international cuisine as well of course. For Mexican, French, Dutch and Greek food you can go to Woudsend. For instance the Watersport restaurant “Or Fish and More”. It just depends on your taste!

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